Ehsaas Kafal Program Benazir Income Support Program 100% of their money News Update 2024

Ehsaas Kafal Program Benazir Income Support Program 100% of their money

Ehsaas Kafal Program Benazir Income Support Program, in which I will tell you that the money of three types of women will be stopped. Even if they get the survey done again, they will be stopped. If they have done these things then 100% of their money will be stopped. Okay, after that, there are many women of 938, their payment has also come and they can avail income support at any time. You can go to any retailer of the program and recover your payment. I will also share with you today which women have this money open, some of them are the women who are currently in 93. I am going to share with you today which women will lose their money if the survey is conducted again and you know that again the

monthly stipend of Rs. 10,500 (as of May 2024

The Ehsaas Kafalat program, also known as the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), doesn’t provide recipients with 100% of their financial needs. It offers a bi-monthly stipend of Rs. 10,500 (as of May 2024) to eligible families to help alleviate poverty. This acts as a safety net to support basic needs, not a replacement for all income.

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 Rs 10500 limit has been restored,

 This is also what I am going to share with you today inshallah. But before that, friend, all the friends who are new to my channel, I request them to subscribe to the channel, if you like the video, then like and comment also, friends, please do like the Ehsaas Kafa program, the Nazari cum support program and from the government’s side, all the friends.

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 Poor friends are programs, 

And comment is also mandatory, so first of all, if you want to earn online, my task is to get 2 subscribers on youtube, after that I will start uploading videos, out of which I have completed more than 700 subscribers, so all the sisters. Brother, I request all those sisters and brothers who are visiting this channel of mine to go and subscribe to that channel too. It will be a great kindness from you. So, first of all, I would like to request all the women in 938 who take money from the Banez Income Support Program or She is new but as soon as she checks on the 81 71 portal, she is told there that she is eligible for the

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Ehsaas Kafa program and as soon as she takes her ID card,

 she goes to the device person and there she gets It is saved that till now you are getting the error of 938 by calling like this, as soon as it will be opened then you will get your payment, then there is a very good news for all those women, among them there are many such women whose payment is the same. It has arrived and they have started getting it. Around 80% of the payment has been received by the women and the remaining 10% that is still left to the women is also being opened step by step. I am getting comments from many people. They were wondering when will 938 be opened, so 938 is being opened every Monday, it is okay to go to the person with the device and get it checked. Inshallah, whatever your card is, it will be opened, you don’t need to take tension. All the women who are in 938 have joined this program. It is okay that they should submit the forms etc. of their children, the slips etc. in the school in which their children study so that the next case coming in June-July, they will get their If we start receiving payments then it will be a very good news for all the women who have not yet received the payment for their children, even if they have been deprived of this program a long time ago, even if they are under the Income Support Program. Whether they take money or not, at some time or the other, if they had received information from the

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 Income Support Program, go to the local dealer and collect your payment

 new survey you should get done. Let me tell you today the last date of the one who has to get the review done. The last date is 30th June. Before that, all the women who have not got their survey done yet, should go and get their survey done as soon as possible because if If you do not get your survey done then you will be completely removed from this program, then you will not be able to join this program again for 2 years. Okay, this is open till 30th June, their survey will be done only till 30th June, after that this survey and so on. They have to end this system also. Those who want to become new beneficiaries should get their survey done as soon as possible before 30th June. Apart from that, all the women who want to get re-verification done should also get their survey done before 30th June. Get the verification done so that you can become a part of the Income Support Program without any notice.

 Now there are three types of women, even if they are included in this program

, they have to be eliminated if they want to get a new survey done, if they have made this mistake. If the woman who wants to get her survey done is a filer, then she should not get the survey done at all. You cannot join this program or if your wife is a filer. Those women who blindly take money from Income Support Program and want to become filers, I request them not to do this, otherwise your payment will be stopped at the same time. Even if women are single filers, they cannot even be eligible in this program or even if their husbands are filers, they cannot be eligible in this program, they are eliminated and their payment is stopped. Yes, after

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