12000 Ehsas Program New Payment Update 2024

12000 Ehsas Program New Payment Update

Those who were not included in the program can get guardian card, on top of which they will get three installments of 12 thousand rupees and in five years, the government is going to give you 18 thousand rupees per family to participate in this program. Regarding and what is the procedure of registration, we will provide an update. Apart from this, the government has also included those families who were given ration by the ration program.

8171 BISP Registration 

Let us tell you that the ration program is still ongoing but the method The car has changed. The registration of 8171 has also been started by the government and new dynamics are also being done. It should be remembered that families and families who have been surveyed for many years and months are still receiving assistance from the government. In this video, you will be told how they can release the aid. The government is including the people who are taking rations in the program of 12 thousand rupees.

How to join this new program? 

Remember that apart from the 12 thousand rupees program. Another important thing is related to the update of the ration program and the new dynamic survey. I am going to tell you the information of the survey through which you can will be able to join any government program before many people asked me many times I have said that someday I will tell these things that many people will be benefited Ehsaas in the heart of children and Benazir’s pet ration program, electricity program, which is 12 thousand rupees program, besides 8171 details, which registration service is this, 

Important Update About New Program 

I am going to tell you the update of all these now. So that families and families who are actually eligible can join this program, I have seen many poor women who are illiterate, they are being pushed. Those who know, please tell them after listening to our updates. Are there any of you who can tell your friends? Yes, it will be of great benefit. Let us tell you that a program of 12 thousand rupees has been started by the government, the application procedure of which is completely different. You are being qualified through lists. Let us tell you that the government. The most important thing at this time is the ration program, what will be the procedure for joining the ration program and you have to remember that one of the keys to joining all the programs in New Dana is to understand one of them. Although many of my mothers, sisters and women have completed their survey, I am currently failing the program. 

People Face Difficulty During Survey

What is their fault? They are also poor and have rights. There is a big problem. People are having difficulty in this regard and remember that if you do not conduct the survey properly, such a ration program in which the Basani people join, you will also get nailed. In the month of Ramadan, the level of poverty was set at 70, but the level of poverty at that time is 40. People with level of poverty can get subsidies through the Tilti program. Next case is 40. I have told you that Marta June is to start in the last week of June and the first week of July. Women who have done their self-examination within the last three months to one year ie. The latter means that it has been 12 months, it has been a year, it has been a year and a half, those who have less than three months have a brighter chance, and they will be provided by the government in September. 

Free Solar System Progrm

Let me tell you that the first 12,000 Payment. It is a program of the Punjab government and along with this, the cheap electricity program has also been started for 50,000 households. If there is a government employee in the house, then their chances of joining this program are very less. First of all, let us tell you that Nihgaban card is being given Rs. 12 thousand per family in three installments per year and secondly within five years you will be provided with a fixed amount of Rs. 180 thousand. To the same families,The ration program that will be started next year will be included and remember that the ration program is also in the news. I have to complete my services etc. regarding the electricity, I am going to tell you now that the electricity program is 12 thousand rupees. Punjab government has given approval to provide solar system to 50 thousand families. Therefore, the scope of the solar system will be expanded gradually, in addition to my brothers and sisters who belong to Sindh, there is a Sindh Agri program there, in addition to this, news is coming, new programs are going to be started there as soon as the update comes.  I think that those of you who are in Karachi or live in Karachi support us a lot and remember that even at this time, your mobile number is in the office of 8171. Amjad Saqib is the chairman of the Bank. 

Get Payment By ATM 

We have talked to all the women who are poor women who take money who have bowls and they have said that our only solution is to give us access to banks in our banks, our jack boxes, our ATMs. So, what is your reaction in this regard? You have to tell in the comments so that your opinion is also important for us. And apart from that, the bike program has already started and there is news of another program. Currently, it will be too early to tell. That you Benazir’s father is eligible for the program, you had so much money, if you have taken it, then you have had a dynamic survey and below it it is written that you are also eligible for this utility program. I will remember that in spite of this commitment, you people can avoid taking it, the main thing is that you check the poverty score. As soon as they came back, I checked their status, which I have told you a while back, the same details were there, then immediately I was happy, they have arrived, and the survey has also been done, and that too. They were taking money, I am talking about those who are not taking it and what will happen to them. 

How Much PMT Score Required 

There was so much money in your account, take it, I checked the silence of their poverty, it is called interface, test PMT, because we have divorced people, I checked them, they had a score of 33 one. One had 40 of 34, one had 40, but 41 had 41. Something was 413, so that one had 41.3. is not eligible for the program, your survey has been done and she was also a regular beneficiary and was taking money earlier. It exists on the other section of the channel, so you get charges for it, private etc. are served by matches, so all this can be possible, but the person who understands the bit can go ahead. You should go to your nearest office, what you have is less than what you already have, so don’t spend your money here and there and try to show your poverty in the right way to register yourself. Children’s form is very important and More than six people in the family, now the one who has 41.5 Pachh Shakur, he has entered only three people in the family, due to which these problems have come and peace has come out, so let’s tell the viewers that whose children For this, contact your nearest office immediately because the new educational model of children has started due to which their children have been promoted in schools from Primary to Vidal Middle to I and High to Higher Secondary. I think you may know this very well and remember that children’s education scholarships are given only to those whose mothers receive money.

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