Zewar Program Update 2024 | How To Apply Zewar Educational ProgramĀ 

Zewar Program Update

I am going to tell you that there is another new program that has been launched which is called a saver program. How can you register in it? How can you qualify and how can you check your money and get your money and what’s next? 

People who’s Payment Stop 

We talk about the three types of people: The money is being stopped and how can they avoid it if they want to continue receiving money. There are three types of people who are already taking money. Due to the mistakes that you people make while registering, your money is stopped. The biggest mistake is that many people do not give their correct information while registering. They give wrong information. They say that due to which they are being blocked and their money is being blocked and new people are being added in their place and secondly there are people who are included which means job. There are professional people and they are taking money and they have been taking money for many years, they are also being taken out of this program. And the eligible people are being included in their place.

People Who are Eligible 

The third place, those people who mean eligible but do not see any updates, they do not know anything. Benazir Income Support Program has a lot of changes, videos are made on a daily basis, but they don’t know about any updates, they think that we are eligible, due to which their money is being stopped, they have messaged many updates. Okay, so there are three types of people whose money has been blocked and a lot of people will be tied up. After that, I will also tell you about the  taleemi program. The  taleemi program is a new program through which you can receive your money in the name of your children. Apart from the educational scholarships, the money that you have will be given to you, this money is being given to you by the Punjab Social Protection Authority. You can go there if you still don’t know them, then I am telling you the helpline number 0826477, you can call on it and you can find out the details from them, they will tell you. By going to these offices, you have to register and your children will be eligible for the Zeewar program because this program is issued for those who study in 25 government schools and not in private schools. 

Zewar Education Program 

Those whose children are studying in government schools are being included in what is available, but here you can also see that under the Zawar Education Program, in about 6440 government schools in Kam Sharakhanda district of Punjab, only girls are included in it. 27902 students are given a stipend of three thousand rupees on a monthly basis. This is the vice chairman of the Punjab Social Protection Authority. And let me tell you people that this amount is the amount of Benazir Kafalat educational scholarship which you will get separately. It is the maximum amount of 4500 rupees and it will be 3 thousand. You mean the amount of 7500 rupees. And the rest is the amount of Benazir’s sponsorship, which means women get 10,500 rupees. If you people watch my videos and act on it, then you will get 18 billion rupees per month or after three months. Please see it so that you people can understand what is the jewel of education. If you take the registration slip with you, then you have been registered there. You will get the registration slip from the headmaster of your school. Now you will say that we saved these three types of people.

Who Done Their Survey

First of all, If you have done the survey, then it is good. If you have not done it, then you have to do the survey again. Money will be given to the people because on the basis of the same survey you were qualified, on the basis of the same survey you got the money and on the basis of the same survey also you should be qualified for the next five years and three years. If you don’t do the survey, how will they know how his financial situation is, whether it has been fixed or not. If not, then you will be kept in this program. That’s why you have to make the survey mandatory.

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