Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Who Are Disqualified in BISP New UpdateWho Are Disqualified in BISP New Update

Who Are Disqualified in BISP New Update

The Benazir Income Support Program on 8171 hotels that the 8171 web portal will be updated to what it is now as the vetted women as well as the newly eligible women. There is a large number and they say that we will be shown our actual status when we are eligible and those who have qualified for the first time also have the same position as when the episode will be shown on the portal on 8171. I will let you guys know when the 8171 web portal will be updated, when you will be shown the original status, when you will be shown your money, all the details are in this , when 8171. It will be updated till when it is updated then all the details will be visible to you in the form of one page. 

Payment Update 

Let’s go to the details of the , because first you know that about one and a half months ago, the regular beneficiaries. The series has started with phase one is two is three is regular whereas phase one was started at that time 8171 rupee hotel was updated then it has been a long time that 8171 total which is this has not been updated because it was said that from July 15th to July 25th women who are under investigation will be changed to a status. You will not see your original status until the portal is updated and the eligible women will get the eligibility message that you are eligible but the amount is not shown there. She is going because we have become eligible but why are we not seeing the money? There you will be shown the amount because the eligibility message has been sent to you, it is old and the women who are being checked, the status they have been getting for years is also old and when this old status is There will be no changes until the portal is updated, now when will the portal be updated? Regarding the portal, the information I have been getting from Baosuf sources is that July 25th means the end of July.

Who Are Disqualified in BISP New Update
Who Are Disqualified in BISP New Update

8171 Web Portal Update 

 A Qatar portal will be updated in the last week of the week. If the hotel is updated in the last week of July, then it is ok. It will go in the start of August. The information is coming in the first week of August. It is said that even in the first week of the patrol, the portal of Akasi Qatar will be updated, if not in July, then as soon as the 8171 web portal will be updated, there are as many women as there are in it. It is going on as DG Naveed Akbar had also said that all the women who have been examined will start from July 15, we will look at their status and those who are eligible will be qualified. Those who are not eligible will be disqualified and 15 to 25 drives will be done and then when this process is completed by the end of July then the portal will be changed at that time if This process is a bit delayed then it will go in the first week of August. In the first week of August all the women will complete this process and then update their 8171 portal which is the same.

How To Eligible In BISP

 If this is done, all the women who are eligible will be updated on the 8171 portal to show that they are eligible or ineligible and also the eligible women who have the status It has been said that you are eligible, their money is also there, then it will be shown to you, you will also see the money and ego will start. Either get it from your campsite or ATM if it is restored then get it from ATM or HBL Connect means whichever method they tell you and then get it with you. A lot of people asked about a portal, so I have told you about the portal, before that, the portal will keep showing the old status. You have to check your status which one is up to date then wait a little bit as soon as enough Qatar portal is updated the government will update it from the headquarter then you will get your original status which They will be shown

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