Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Who Are Disqualified From BISPWho Are Disqualified From BISP

Who Are Disqualified From BISP

There is good news for all those who are disqualified from Benazir Income Support Program that they can get rid of their disqualification problem. And if you can save yourself, to know this complete procedure, watch this video carefully and completely. Will also talk about the rest of the sponsorship program together as many people still haven’t received it in their accounts and will also update you on when the second phase is going to start, before moving on to the details. 

Dynamic Survey Update 

Do you know that the dynamic service has become mandatory for all those people who have been eligible for the Benazir Income Support Program and receiving money for almost three years? It will further be seen that if they remain eligible, they will be eligible, otherwise they will be made eligible. Those who will not conduct the survey will also be disqualified. Conducted the survey and their PMT scores exceeded they are also now disqualified from the program. Well, a big news for all the ineligibles is that the office is giving you a golden opportunity. When you are ineligible, after doing the dynamic survey, you can appeal. You can go to the nearest Benazir Income Support Program and submit your appeal and in this appeal you can tell all your information about your financial conditions. What are the problems and how many problems are you facing? How are you dealing with inflation? In this regard, you have to tell everything, whatever it is, you have to tell the truth.

BISP Appeal Update 

Your appeal will not be rejected. Along with this, let us tell you that those who were under examination after conducting the dynamic survey will also be confirmed before June 15, inshallah, that they are eligible or ineligible, which means their status will be updated. All the people will be able to check Basani from the 817 web portal. It will be remembered that the payments are also being checked from the 81 71 web portal. Prior to this, the payments of the first phase are ongoing. The second phase is going to start formally from June 5, 2024, inshallah. This phase includes all the districts that were not included in the first phase, which means that there will be no third phase. 

Second Phase update 

In this second phase, all those corrections have been added, so as soon as the second phase starts, the payments of all the beneficiaries of the second phase will be shown on the Qasim Haider web portal, after checking the payment, up-sponsorship program and children’s money will be taken. Therefore, they will go to the nearest campsite and receive their payments. The rest are not getting these payments from the ATMs or from the shops, so you have to pay attention in this regard. Today, the weather is very harsh and the heat is increasing, so you have to protect yourself from this intensity. If you get it, then you have to save your way and easily receive your installments.

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