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The program is being launched, what will be the registration procedure for this program and when will the program be launched? It has been launched and I am also going to release the full update if all the families who are taking educational scholarships are electrified about the program The case that was supposed to start from Islamabad today starts next Monday, instead of the 13th, now you will get the payments of BISP. 

Schedule Changed by the Government:

The biggest news that received earlier because I told you that it is going to start from the 13th today, The sources have informed us that the date has been changed. Let’s give the biggest news and the most important update. It has been given and remembered that it will be received from the campsite by itself, but in this regard, the news has come that on the 17th, the process of giving it to you in a regular manner will start.

The Installment of Education Scholarships for Children:

The verified persons and the qualified persons have been included in this process. We also inform you about the update regarding this and all such persons who have been qualified in the program have not done the dynamic survey yet. How can people join the program? Let us tell you that the government has started the installment of education scholarships for children. In the next installment, the schedule of the children’s education scholarships is that this time, the people who will come will not come again, but other people will come in the next installment. The case is being given based on justice along with the educational scholarships of children and the annual Rs. 10500 which is received from the Benazir Income support program.

All the people’s centers are available on this web Portal 8171, you can find your nearest center anyway. A center that has been started by the government as a formal introduction of the program and The staff sitting in the office will verify you first and check if you are eligible then you will be allowed to proceed if there is a case in your account yes this is another situation that many women Score are high and therefore they may not go to take the installment, however, you must go at least to the gate from where the check is done.

Dynamic Survey:

I have seen many close families who are in this government program and in it was place many rich families received it. The main reason for this is that when you conduct a survey, you do not provide your services properly. Secondly, there is a lot of recommendation culture in Pakistan. They become eligible in this program of the government, but remember that, even if the people who recommend you come or the people who prevent them.  so let me inform you in detail about first of all you have to complete the survey and join this program. 

Let us tell you that the government has started the installment of education scholarships for children. In the next phase, the schedule of children’s education scholarships is that this time, the one who will come will not come, in this place, other people will come with the next installment because has been distributed, which is the stipend. The case is being given based on sanitation along with the education scholarships of children and 10500 rupees from 42 thousand rupees per annum.

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