Breaking News Two Types People Get 5000 New Payment 2024

Two Types People Get 5000 New Payment

10500 rupees are to be taken from them, all of them will not take anything less than this. The government of Pakistan has decided to give 10500 rupees as well as 50% of the stipend. And at the same time, from what year will the ration plan be started and those who have completed the survey but have not received the payment yet, what should they do? 

New Payment Update 

The breaking news is that the government of Pakistan has announced to give two installments to a large number of people, in which Rs. There will be people who will be given 5000 along with it. Will there be people who have received their previous 8500 rupees, then will these people also get 8500 along with 105? But the most important question is that there are many people who have completed their new survey in June and July. Benazir Income Support Program office has not yet released them even though he is eligible. Many people checked on the bottle and were told that you are eligible for Rs 800 in Benazir Income Support Form because the portal is still not updated. Rs 10500 has not been added. They are being told that the previous installment is 800 rupees, but they have not received it yet, so let me tell you that all the people who have been there since December, if they are eligible, then they will get 10500 for the new installment.

Two Types People Get 5000 New Payment
Two Types People Get 5000 New Payment

How To Check Name On Portal 

Yes, all the people who only recite, first check the name on the portal for their survey, if it is important, then they will get the payment, while those children who did not get the stipend last time, the rest of the people received it, but they If they had not received it, then let us tell such children that this time the stipend of their children will be issued after receiving the stipend that was issued. It will not come, but it will come after that, while those children who did not get the scholarship last time, they will get the scholarship, and some people will be released with whom, while the scholarship of some children is delayed by one week. Among them, there may be 10500 rupees, along with which you will also get 50 to 100 rupees, 10500, so those who had previously received 8500 will be released, while those people who received 800 rupees last time will also be released. If you don’t get it, you are going to get Rs. 50 as well as Rs. 10,500 for the double.

BISP Payment Model Update

Along with this, let us also tell you that the government is working on a payment model in which the government is working on giving you payment through a mobile account Jazz Cash Easypaisa Bank application and checks. Along with this, the government has also started the process of withdrawing money from government employees in service or retirees under the Benazir Income Support Program. Recruitment of 1000 Zari Graduates Educational qualification BSc Hons Agriculture Age 25 years Domicile Punjab Monthly application will be 7 thousand rupees This is a new program along with the eligibility criteria which is 25 years age has been set as well as tell you Let’s say that the government is also working on Jo Hai Naib programs, in which apart from Solar Scheme, Jo Hai Ration Program is also going on, and in addition to this, the work of Rs.10500

Janch Partal Date Extended

Those who did it before June 30 will be like this. Those who will do it after June 30 will be like this. The date of dynamic registration of regular beneficiaries is now viral until July 15, so any final announcement from the government. Yes, that didn’t happen. These people have done my best for me. I have a grave. If it is not attached to the women, yes, they are left. If they want to re-register, they can do it, but they will do it like normal people, meaning those who take the survey for the first time will be like this. Your life will be checked then how many months, six months, a year and a half year, you will have to stay here, then you will know whether you are eligible or not, then on July 15th. Regarding this information I had, I thought I would share it with you people because many people ask that June 30 has already passed.

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