Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Two Types People BISP Payment StopTwo Types People BISP Payment Stop

Two Types People BISP Payment Stop

There is very bad news for the women beneficiaries of the Benazir Income Support Program. In all the regular beneficiaries, the money of two types of people has been stopped. The thing is that a notification has been issued by the Punjab government that now how do we share it with you and there has been a huge update on the people who have been checked, so without time.

Bad News some Women Payment Stop 

First of all I am going to tell everyone bad news and this is really bad news for you people bad news this is All such women who were receiving money from the Benazir Income Support Program for a long time and were repeatedly sending SMS to their number asking them to update their form, update their form, update their form The rate was being extended. Well, for the last six to seven months, the same messages were being sent that you should update your form, otherwise your money will be given to people, otherwise your money will be stopped, so finally, now all these people’s money will be stopped. Those who have not updated their form yet, if you are not sure, in the description of the video, you will find a link to a website, click on it, enter your card number and check your status. You can, if you have not yet registered in Dynamic, i.e. you have not updated yourself, then you have been updated and you have been given an upper date that your next survey will be on that date. 

Some Women Account Blocked 

That is, your account has been blocked. If your account has also been blocked and the date is showing on your portal that you should conduct the next survey on a certain date, then I have a solution for you. We will tell you in this video, but before that let us give you the good news that a notification has been issued by the Punjab government that now you will get the time from the mobile shop instead of the campsite because its big The reason is that it has been going on for three to four days and many people are facing difficulties in which the most difficult thing is the heat. Due to the heat, people are fainting and their health is deteriorating and many difficulties are being faced, due to which the Punjab government has issued a notification that soon, God willing, the camp side will be abolished and installments will be given at the mobile shop. The final date has not been given as to when the campsites will be closed but very soon these campsites will be closed.

PMT Score Update 

 At least six months have passed since the survey was conducted and their PMT score is less than 32, then their money has been released. If they do not show up, the check is done if they go and check their money from the device, then the payment has been received in their account. Or after two months, their payment will be released, how many people will comment that sir, we also conducted a new survey but our payment is showing so much, so let me tell you that the payment of all people is not stopped. It happened because there is a role in the Benazir Income Support Program, every time you conduct a survey three to four times you are included in it, some people came earlier, some people will come later, some people will come later and some people now. Right now, they have received two installments or they may have received one installment. Well, they stopped the money of only those people who were taking money for a long time and they did not even have children, that is, their family was small. 

Some Women Money Stop Due to Survey 

The money has been stopped, now they have to go to the office again and get the survey done. If they are qualified in the survey, they will get money. will be removed from the program. Now let’s talk that many people are commenting on me that sir our balance has shown zero. They are also messaging on WhatsApp that all our balance has shown zero. If you guys ask me. If you want to contact me on WhatsApp, there is a WhatsApp group link in the description, you can click on it and join my group. You will also get all this information through the WhatsApp group. If you have any questions, you can comment below, I will try my best to answer you as soon as possible. I have already got zero even though we checked two days back then there was a payment of 10500 rupees in our account. Now our account is zero. What should we do? We didn’t know but the payment in our account is zero. What is the reason for this, the basic reason is that now the web portal is being updated, so as soon as the update is done, the result will be shown in front of the people, so there is no need to worry.

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