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Survey New Update

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Assalamu Alaikum, viewers. Today, I bring you significant updates regarding the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP). Recently, there have been substantial changes affecting three categories of women who will no longer receive any aid or installments from the Benazir Kafalat Program. This decision impacts many families relying on these funds for survival. However, it’s crucial to note that there are still two categories of families whose payments remain uninterrupted. These families will continue to benefit from this essential support program. The BISP has been a lifeline for many impoverished families, providing substantial financial assistance every three months. Beyond monetary support, the program also covers educational stipends for children, ensuring that families can afford to keep their children in school. In this video, I will detail the specific errors that could lead to disqualification from the program and how to avoid them to maintain eligibility. This information is vital as a minor mistake could terminate this crucial support, leaving families in dire straits.

Changes in Payment Distribution

Previously, the installments from January to March were disbursed through HBL and Bank Alfalah retail shops. This method ensured that beneficiaries could easily access their funds. However, the upcoming installments will be provided through a slightly different system, involving issuance from campsite locations and in two phases. This change aims to streamline the distribution process and ensure that funds reach the intended recipients more efficiently. In the first phase, beneficiaries from selected regions will start receiving their payments directly into their accounts, bypassing the need to visit retail shops. This new method should reduce the hassle and time required for beneficiaries to access their funds. Additionally, it is important to note that the Kafalat Program and the Educational Stipend Program payments are now issued together. This integration simplifies the process for beneficiaries, ensuring they receive all due support at once. For those in the second phase, payments will commence soon after the first phase completes. Detailed information about these phases and the specific areas involved has been shared in our previous videos, so please refer to them for comprehensive guidance.

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Portal Updates and Beneficiary Status

The 8171 web portal has been updated to reflect these changes, including the new eligibility criteria for the Kafalat Program and the Ramadan relief packages. Beneficiaries can now check their status on this portal using their ID cards, making it easier to stay informed about their eligibility and payment status. There are three primary groups of beneficiaries whose statuses are updated:

How to Check Bisp Kafalat Payment  Check

  1. First Group: Those eligible for the Kafalat Program but not for utility store subsidies will receive their last payment now. These beneficiaries must undergo a new survey in 2026 to continue receiving payments. If they fail to complete this survey, their payments will be permanently stopped after this final installment.
  2. Second Group: Those eligible for both the Kafalat Program and utility store subsidies but not yet registered in the dynamic registry must complete their registration by June 30, 2024. Failure to register by this deadline will result in the cessation of their payments. This group must take immediate action to ensure they continue receiving support.
  3. Third Group: Those whose dynamic registry entry is pending verification will not receive any payments until the verification process is complete. Once their registration is verified, their payments will resume. It is crucial for these beneficiaries to follow up on their verification status to avoid any delays.
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Furthermore, families already receiving payments and recently registered in the dynamic survey will continue to receive their benefits without interruption. This ongoing support is a relief for many, ensuring that the aid they depend on remains consistent. Additionally, government employees with a salary below a certain threshold will now be included in the BISP. Initially, this applies to prison employees, but it will later extend to other government employees with low salaries. This inclusion broadens the program’s reach, ensuring more people benefit from this crucial support. Beneficiaries can check their payment status on the 8171 portal, although ATMs are currently not reinstated for this purpose.

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