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Big Update for Waiting Students in E-Bike Scheme 2024 : Selected Students in E-Bike Scheme

Students in E-Bike Scheme

Assalam-o-Alaikum, I am your host, Mr. Informative. As you might have seen from the thumbnail of this Artical  today we will be discussing the E-Bike Scheme 2024, specifically for the waiting students. These are the students who have received an email indicating that they have been successfully selected. They will soon receive a call from a bank representative to proceed further. There is also an update for the selected students regarding the timeline for receiving their bikes and the installment plans. Although a temporary installment plan was shared earlier, the permanent one has not yet been finalized. I will provide you with all the latest details in this video, including updates on the CM Punjab Laptop Scheme and guidance for the rejected students.

Status of Waiting and Selected Students

Many of you have received emails notifying that you are on the waiting list. Some claim that 100 students received emails, while others say it was 200. We contacted the Bank of Punjab to clarify this situation. They informed us that the verification process for the selected students is ongoing. The waiting students have been contacted as a backup plan in case some selected students do not pass the verification process. The State Bank of Pakistan initially rejected some applications due to incorrect information provided during the application process. Additionally, students who had taken loans were not considered eligible. Therefore, around 100 to 200 waiting students were emailed as potential candidates if the initial selected students fail the verification process.

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Importance of Attending Calls

For selected students, it is crucial to answer the calls from the bank. If you miss these calls, you will be rejected and replaced by a waiting student. Ensure that your guarantor, whether a parent, sibling, or spouse, is also aware of this and picks up the call. Failure to do so will result in the waiting students being given your spot. Therefore, it is vital for you to attend these calls to secure your position in the scheme.

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Installment Plans and Financial Details

Temporary and Permanent Installment Plans

The temporary installment plan shared previously is still under discussion, and the final plan is yet to be released. For waiting students, the government has proposed that you must make an on-time payment of 30% of the total cost. The government will cover up to 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees, and the remaining amount will be paid by the students over two years.

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Example Scenarios

For instance, if the bike costs 1.3 lakh rupees, the government will cover up to 1.5 to 2 lakh rupees, and you will be responsible for the remaining amount. If the bike’s price exceeds 2 lakh rupees, the additional cost will be borne by the student. Suppose the bike costs 3 lakh rupees; in that case, you will need to pay the amount exceeding the government’s contribution, along with a registration fee. The installment plan will be structured to ease the financial burden, offering discounts and manageable monthly payments.

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The Loan and Installment Process

The process involves taking a loan of approximately one lakh rupees, with an installment plan where a 20% discount will be provided by the government. For example, if the installment amount is calculated to be 4000 rupees, the government will offer a discount, making it easier for the applicants to manage their finances. Regular emails will be sent to those on the waiting list, ensuring they stay informed. Selected students who have taken loans but provided incorrect information may face rejections due to government project errors and bugs. This procedure aims to ensure accurate and error-free documentation for future applications.

Waiting List and Balloting Procedure

The waiting list aims to streamline the process for applicants who will not be selected in the initial phase but may have a higher chance of selection in subsequent phases. In the second phase, scheduled for the end of August, the balloting process will prioritize 50% of the waiting list applicants. For instance, if 200,000 people apply, 50% will be selected from the waiting list, increasing their chances of selection in the next phase. This strategy ensures a fair opportunity for all applicants, especially those who have provided accurate information and fulfilled the required criteria.

Delivery and Benefits of Selected Students

Selected students can expect to receive their bikes before May 29. The bikes will be delivered to their respective dealership stores. Green-colored bikes will be provided as per the government’s plan, and all necessary documentation, including registration and insurance fees, will be handled by the government. Additionally, the CM Punjab laptop scheme is set to launch soon, with portals being created within two to three days. Selected students will receive their laptops by the end of June. This initiative aims to provide comprehensive support to students, ensuring they have the necessary resources for their academic and personal growth. Regular updates and communication will be maintained to keep all participants informed and engaged throughout the process.

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