Fri. Jul 12th, 2024
Some Women BISP Payment StopSome Women BISP Payment Stop

Some Women BISP Payment Stop

This is the last chance for the new case relay of 10500 rupees. After exactly three days, your money will be stopped. Who are the women whose money is going to be stopped? Their money should be stopped so that the regular benefits which are already taking money should be stopped. Those who are third bat, how long will they get the payment and the details will start being sent to their accounts.

Whose Payment Stop After Dynamic Survey 

Here is the latest important news. So the 10500 rupees is also ongoing. Talking about the date, more than 50 billion rupees has been distributed so far, which has only been given to the eligible women. One has to go for this through 8171 or by the government or Benazir Income Support Program they will be eligible on the portal and their payment will be shown then let us tell you one by 8171 You will also get messages to the third party whose number will be in, then they will get messages whose number will be closed, then they will be able to check their new person regularly through the portal. After a day, it will be updated, your payment will be applied and sending will also start in your account, while it will be from 3rd to 5th of September, in which you will get the money, which is for the third numbered ones. There are other marles receiving ready payment and those who have not received the payment have either been put under charge immediately after registration of the survey or have been put on the invalid list. Their payment has not been received from Safa. Now there is good news for all those who have been charged. Now you will not have to wait for the message that you will receive from 8171 or on the portal. You don’t need to check and you don’t need to take a survey. You don’t need to do any of these three things.

Some Women BISP Payment Stop
Some Women BISP Payment Stop

Who Are Eligible In BISP In September 

For women who are screened for, this is an update that your payment will start in the month of September and you will be eligible as soon as the month of September starts till the 5th of September in large numbers. History begins to qualify the people whose poverty score the government thinks is really at a very low level. It is known that they will go to the list of invalids, but they will also be given one last chance. The new date of the survey will be given to them. No, now those women are also included whose money will be stopped after three days if they have not dropped their survey, now will this survey be millions on every woman who takes money or is it not possible or should a new survey be conducted? If you want, let me tell you that this does not happen to all women, but those who have been receiving installments for the last three years, whether it is 8500 rupees, 9 thousand rupees or 10 thousand five hundred rupees, you have just received the installment. 

Latest Update About Payment 

Whether or not you have made a decision as to which one we should go for, the current installment of 10,500 rupees will not be yours, but the next installment will be yours again. It will be closed on July 10th, September 10th, and that’s why three days have passed, women who haven’t done their survey are requested to register their survey in the Benazir Income Support Form. Go to the office and get it because your money may also be stopped because the government has made a program to remove many women from the Benazir Income Support Fund. If it is made, they will be preferred and those who are old women will be included, neither they are doing the survey nor they are getting qualified, then they will be removed from this money.

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