Wed. Jun 12th, 2024
Solar System Scheme Online Registration Solar System Scheme Online Registration

Solar System Scheme Online Registration

Finally the hours of waiting are over, the complete registration procedure for applying free solar system has been done, I will show you the complete procedure Card are going to tell you by adopting this procedure you can get free solar for your home and the great thing is that you can apply sitting at home, that too for free. There is no need to go and there is no need to pay any kind of fee. Along with this, we will also update you regarding the Benazir Kafalat program and bring you some great news regarding the Kisan Card. They will also be told about this, so let’s move on to the details. 

Solar System Announcement 

The system has been announced and the good news is that the Punjab government has also seen the procedure of providing a free solar system. The scheme of giving free solar systems to 50 thousand households using electricity has been launched, all the expenses will be borne by the provincial government and 100% of the cost of the solar system and installation will be paid by registering the users through SMS. The Punjab government will bear the cost of 10 billion rupees on the project. Remember that people who are suffering from various problems like electricity theft will not be able to qualify in this team, so you are talking about registration in this scheme. The registration method is very easy, you were told before, but at that time the shortcut was not working properly, so all the people who wanted to apply should provide their electricity bill reference number and ID.

How To Registered 

 You can register yourself by sending the card number 800 to 8800. Those who consume less than 100 units of electricity will be registered. Let’s also share the great news that in the next video, God willing, we are going to tell you the complete registration procedure of Kisan Card. You can also apply at home. But to apply for the new short code, you have to understand and use the method of sending a message, then you will be able to apply. Along with this, regarding the recent honors of the Benazir Kafalat program, you know that the third phase is still going on. And very soon the second phase is going to start. All the beneficiaries of the second phase wait a little bit because from the first week of June you are going to be met and you will be able to check all your payments from the 8171 web portal.

Dynamic Survey Good News 

Another good news to share with you is that of all the people who have done their dynamic survey within the last six or seven months and are still going to be checked, about 70% of them have received messages. They have been qualified and almost 30 percent of the people who are there are also disqualified because their BMT score is less than 32 so viewers are here for the latest updates on the YouTube channel for more new updates. Subscribe to Skylantar, take care of yourself, give us permission, may God protect yo .I will share with you the great news and the information that is updated by Aj is very important for you to listen and understand. Later, regarding the campsite, the retailer shop owners have now started protesting that Kent side should be closed. After that, you will also be told that the payment of Face 2 is about to start and the women who are still showing the status of ineligible or the women who are facing the problem of zero balance. For all women, this video can be a very useful video for them, as you know, whatever new program the government brings, Benazir Kim Support Program, Asas Program, or whatever new programs the government has introduced. Help programs have been released.

Last Words

I try to convey good information to you for your guidance, so the updates that you are going to get  are here. I hope that these updates After listening to this, your knowledge will also increase and you guys are my family. Inshallah, I will continue to bring such good information for you. But no one gives you any information, that’s why I make a good effort for you so that you don’t fall prey to any fake news, but all the friends and women visiting my channel are requested to Please subscribe to my channel and like and comment on the video.Let’s move on to our topic. First of all, we will talk about the women who are thinking that now the campsite we have is over and the payment we have is over. She will meet Sahib and the retail shop owners are making a lot of money because you guys know that since they started Campside, all the retailers are now making money from the poor people. They used to loot, now they have finished it, the ISP people have updated the system which is very amazing and now the retailers are recording this protest.

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