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Solar Panel Registration Process

Assalamualaikum friends, I am here with another fantastic and exciting news Article As I had informed you, the registration process for Nigahban Card and Himmat Card is now available. After that, the online registration is available, and through this, you can earn up to 000 amount. You can earn even more than this, and this amount is being provided to you by Baitul Maal. I will explain the complete details of this method to you. Here, you can see that the “Apply Now” option is available. As soon as we click on “Apply Registration,” the registration form opens up. Inside this registration form, you have to fill in your name, CNIC number, email, mobile number, province, and all the details like division, district, tehsil. After filling in, you will register, then login, and then the next form will appear. Through that form, you can get your registration done sitting at home. The detailed method of this is also explained in this video, but before that, I’ll make a small request. If you are new to my channel and want to watch such beneficial and valuable videos, then quickly subscribe to my channel by pressing the bell icon button, so that you can receive notifications of such beneficial and valuable videos on time and be the first to receive them. And by liking the video and leaving a good comment is necessary. I will provide the website in the video. You have to watch the complete video to find the website inside the video. Once you’ve watched the video, you’ll find the website inside it. Upon visiting this website, you can see the detailed method and also get your registration done.

Solar Panel Program

As all of you know, free solar panels are also being given to you, which are one watt solar panels.

 BISP New Update 15000 may payment

Registration Procedure

For the solar plates, message above 8800 is not valid. To get the free plates, I have already told you the method before, now I am telling you again that you can get the free plates in such a way that your electricity bill is less than 100 units. After that, your address will be estimated, and your name and address will be written on the bill. You will receive those plates on the same name and address written on the bill. Many friends also asked about the farmer card. Let me tell you about the farmer card as well. If you want to ask for details, you can ask me in the comments. You can get this farmer card from your nearby centers. They are available in every district. You can go there and apply for it.

BISP new

Roof Program

After that, I have also told you about the solar system, that it is a one kilowatt solar system that is being given to you absolutely free. In this, you will also get an inverter and a battery, and these solar plates will also be given to you so that you can save electricity.

12000 online registration


The purpose of this program is that Nigahban Card and Himmat Card are being given to you, and after that, through the Jevar program, you are being given 000 amount. You can also see that the registration for the Jevar program has to be done through the Punjab Social Protection Authority’s office. Your registration will be done there.

BISP New Payment start Now

Solar Panel Installation Process

Now let’s delve into the detailed procedure of installing solar panels. As you are aware, free solar panels are being provided, each with a capacity of one watt. To acquire these panels, if your electricity bill is less than 100 units, you’re eligible. Your address will be verified, and the panels will be provided under the same name and address as mentioned in the bill. Additionally, for those inquiring about the farmer card, it can be obtained from local centers operational in every district. Many of you have expressed interest in the home roof program. Rest assured, I will provide a comprehensive overview of this program in an upcoming video. Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section.

Free Solar System Program

As previously mentioned, a one-kilowatt solar system is being offered for free. This includes an inverter, battery, and necessary solar panels for energy conservation. The aim of this initiative is to provide assistance through the Nigahban Card and Himmat Card programs. Additionally, participants will receive 000 through the Jevar program. Registration for the Jevar program must be completed at the Punjab Social Protection Authority’s office. Ensure you visit the designated office for registration.

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