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Shahbaz Sharif Program Start 41500Shahbaz Sharif Program Start 41500

Shahbaz Sharif Program Start 41500

You are watching these skills. We are going to talk about a new program for those who have an ID card, now they will be able to get 30 thousand, apart from the BSP program, a new 30 thousand from the government of Pakistan. The program has been started and the people who will apply in it will get the amount up to 30 thousand from here. The assistance that the government has to give from the BSP program will be given to you separately and the amount of 30 thousand rupees will be given to you.

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National identity card

There is aid, it will be given to you people separately on the national identity card, if you are also in need and want to get this amount of 30 thousand rupees, then complete. 1415 B One government on the other hand there are many families who have received the message of the amount up to 41500. You can get this aid from here, you can get this money from here, whoever our sisters are poor, we are asking for a close life. Now there is an update which is about 30,000 and about the maximum number of families will be included on their behalf and the government has established a good setup before this. 

Ramadan program

Later, in the Ramadan program, you have given back to people who are Rashid, but now this program is completely over, now a new program has been started and this program will support you here for six months, that is. For six months you can get the money you have from this program and the purpose of this program is that all the people who apply for it will join and they will get money here and through it. Those who have close family will also benefit here and those who want to do business will also benefit here. The program has been launched which is 30 thousand rupees,.

conduct the survey correctly

I would like to tell you about the rupees and I will put the proof of this in front of you people in this video. The problem is that you don’t get the money because of the survey etc. If your poverty score is less than 26, then there are sure to be many programs that you qualify for. For that, it is important that you conduct the survey correctly, that is, you can understand my point that the poorer the people are, the lower their poverty score will be written and the lower the poverty score. The score will be written. 

money in their bank account

There are so many chances that you will be at the end of the people. Many people live in a rented house and they say that it is our own dignity. Those whose children have no business, no jobs, who have no money in their bank account, who also have no car, bungalow, etc., then the government supports all such families and also gives them a large sum of money and this It makes it possible to take care of their complete health and along with that the employment opportunities they have are also good, so now a new program has been started here in which 30 thousand people will get And along with this, some people have been given the assistance of 41500 rupees, so first of all, let me show you this proof, please look at the screen to make sure that you know that this 41500 rupees which the government has given.

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women’s money has stopped

that has been fixed, then they add to it, so this family has received a huge sum of Rs. Conducted a survey and their account was closed, after that they got a big amount here and in the same way, let me tell you that some women’s money has stopped. Our job is not to get you money, we deliver the updates we get to you people so that you can benefit from it and then go and subscribe to whatever works. If it is 40 or 45, then how will you people live? If your poverty score is less than 25, then you can be a solution to the people and then the government will give you all the things that they can and even when twenty.

join the program

If you join the program, there are not one new two, three, four, but thousands of programs in which you people are benefited. There are many things that the government has allocated for you. It also gives the development money to Nigehbaan Ramadan program, it also gives plates in the solar system, it also gives a motorcycle and in the same way it has a wheelchair program, it is giving 7 thousand rupees to those who are working people and There are many programs in which the government is supporting you guys, so this was the update regarding 41500 that I shared with you guys, so now I am going to give you another update and that update is this. That the government will give you the amount of Rs. And the card is being started in the name of Nawaz Sharif, the special sprays etc.

how will you get it? 

I will tell you in this video today, but with this there is some important update that I have to share with you people

How are you getting it here? 

You people can also benefit. Here, the government has given twenty programs for friends.

What is a national identity card?

A national identity card (NIC) is an official document issued by a government agency that verifies your identity and citizenship. It typically includes your photo, name, date of birth, and a unique identification number.

Who is eligible for a national identity card?

Eligibility requirements vary by country. Generally, citizens 18 years or older are eligible to apply for an ID card. Some countries may also issue NICs to permanent residents or minors.

How do I apply for a national identity card?

The application process for an NIC can be found on the issuing government agency’s website. It typically involves submitting an application form, providing documentation (like birth certificate or passport), and paying a fee.

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