Good News Rozgar Rickshaw Scheme| On behalf of the Al Khadmit Foundation 2024

Rozgar Rickshaw Scheme On behalf of  the Al Khadmit Foundation :

On behalf of the Al Khidmat Foundation, the employment scheme 2024 has been launched for all Pakistanis who belong to the poor and Middle classes. If you want to start a New business or get installments then, the AL Khidmat program has been started by the government under this program you can get a loan for your small business this loan will make you very happy.

How to get a Loan from the Al Khadmit Foundation:

You will get one and a half Lakh Rupees, and you have to pay back one and a half lakh rupees. You can use it as a source of income after taking a loan of one and a half lakh rupees you can earn money from it. your job for as long as you want to start a business. After taking a loan, people are being called rickshaws by the second option. Friends, you have two options. Option one is that you can get a loan as money and the second option you have is that you can get rickshaws, if your license is made and the card is also made, then you can go to the office of Al Khidmat Foundation and apply for it.

Now, Here is one thing you have to keep in mind if you want to start your small business by taking a loan from the Al Khadmit Foundation, the option is also available to you, the other option is that if you want to take it. The total price of the rickshaw in Pakistan is about five lakh rupees. When you bring them also, then you have to submit the ID card number and you submit the form, your verification will be done you will get a loan on your request.

Monthly Installments:

You have to receive a big deposit of 25,000 rupees. After that, you will decide to be given what you need by the Khadmit Foundation, and behind that, you fill out your form and submit it to the Khadmit Foundation center. Also, earn your children’s stipend. Al-Khidmat has to give you the money, so if the full amount of five lakh rupees has been paid, then you will pay all the money that you want with it in the same way.

If it is not expensive like  4 lakh rupees you will return the money with monthly installments.

How much money is he providing without interest?

Keep this in mind, if you take a rickshaw payment or cash there you will be provided with a general amount of one lakh rupees and after that, you can start any business of yours. You can write to, besides, it is related to you. At this time, we have started the service in all the major cities of Pakistan. You can request from any office. You know Al Khadmit Foundation is a generative organization if you want to teach in all of the loans and want to give to charity then you can give more than enough to help all people in their mood and if you want to upgrade, you have it. Also read: How To Get Ehsaas Amdan Program 60000

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