Good News Rashon Program check CNIC

Rashon program Check CNIC :

The distribution of Muft Rashon has been started by Rahman-ur-Rahim Punjab, whether you will get it or not, you can check online through the ID card if you are sitting at home, then the application has been introduced by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz. Through this application, you can check by writing your ID card number, and you will get a ration if you don’t get a ration even then you will be told how to check the complete method In this, you will be told step by step, so let’s go.

First of all, in the description, please note one thing, a program has been started by the Punjab government with an amount of 30 billion rupees.

The name of Nagriban Ramadan Match Program has been named through this program in the morning 7 million deserving poor people of Punjab will be provided free Rashid. You can do it, friends, you will get a ration or not, and you can check within five minutes sitting at home. 

Distributing rations:

The thing is, you should understand that an application has been made for those people who are distributing rations in the field. have a mobile application ok first they ask you for an ID card you provide your id card then check through your ID card to whether you want to give ration or not you are eligible for ration If you are eligible for ration then a bag of ration is provided to you. is introduced for those who want to check whether we will get ration or not ok guys what you have to do is given below link in below description you have to open it as soon as If you open it, then you will go to the top of this website.

Well, if you go to the top of this website, you will see it written here. Jacket Eligibility for Ramadan. Please enter 13 digital CNIC numbers and dash.

It is ok. Without a dash, you have to write your ID card here. have written yours, after that friends you have to click on Check Eligibility After writing your ID card number, I have clicked on Check Eligibility here, after that see in my record you provided is showing. 

Card record :

CNIC is not registered ok my ID card record is not there so this is what is showing in my id card record ok then see below for unregistered users’ registration Please refer to the nearest study centers of BISP ok bi-skelly I am told that I will not get ration my record is not there guys this ration is being given by govt of Pakistan it is free of charge Ration is being given to those people whose records are in Benazir Income Sports Program.

ID card is written here and the pledge is written in your record then you wait you will get a free ration from the government in the next few days ok if this is written in your record If you see what is in my record, then you will not get ration, so what you have to do is to go to your nearest Bezair Uncle Sports Program office, after going there, register at the first number. Well, when you are registered, after that you will also be given a free ration.

From Pakistan, this is the procedure that I have explained to you in detail, so friends, I hope you have understood all the details. Will subscribe to the channel to get more good information

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