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Big News punjab free laptop scheme 2024 | Prime Minister's Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-III

Punjab Free Laptop Scheme 2024

The Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme aims to provide free laptops to talented students across Pakistan. The third phase of this initiative has started, offering an excellent opportunity for students in colleges, universities, and technical institutes to receive laptops. Here’s everything you need to know about the registration, eligibility criteria, and application process.

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Overview of the Scheme

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has successfully executed two phases of the Prime Minister’s National Laptop Scheme (PMNLS) in the past, distributing around 500,000 laptops to students in public sector universities and technical colleges, including those in Federal and FATA colleges. The transparent online system used ensured the process was fair, with all information publicly available on the HEC website.

Recognizing the critical role of youth in national development, the government aims to harness this potential by providing quality education, employment opportunities, and engagement through initiatives like the Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme. This scheme is designed to bridge the digital divide, promote technological education, and enhance productivity across various sectors.

Key Objectives

  • Improve Science and Technology Education: Focus on enhancing ICT education.
  • Develop Industry Partnerships: Foster collaborations between industries and educational institutions.
  • Enable Smart Campuses: Promote networking and a better learning environment.
  • Boost Manufacturing Sector: Enhance productivity and value addition.
  • Maximize IT Potential: Utilize IT for educational benefits and increase efficiency.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for the PM Youth Laptop Scheme 2024, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrollment Status: Must be a currently enrolled student.
  • Institutions: Only students from public sector universities, degree-awarding institutes, and sub-campuses recognized by HEC are eligible.
  • Degree Programs:
    • PhD: 5 years duration (Admission date after June 30, 2018)
    • MS/MPhil or equivalent: 2 years duration (Admission date after June 30, 2021)
    • MBA: Varying durations (1.5, 2.5, 3.5 years)
    • Masters (16 years): 2 years duration (Admission date after June 30, 2021)
    • Undergraduate: 4 or 5 years duration (Admission date after June 30, 2018 or 2019)


Students not eligible for the scheme include:

  • Enrolled in private sector institutions.
  • Enrolled in government degree or postgraduate colleges and affiliated colleges.
  • Recipients of laptops under any other federal or provincial government scheme.
  • Foreign nationals (except those from AJK).
  • Students who have not applied online or whose applications were not received through the online portal.

Application Process

  1. Online Registration: Students must register or update their profiles at the PM Youth Program portal (
  2. Verification: The relevant department’s focal person will verify the student’s data online, including name, CNIC, department, degree level, and academic performance.
  3. Merit Lists: After verification, merit lists will be generated and cross-checked by institutions. The final merit lists will be published online for transparency.
  4. Distribution: Laptops will be distributed based on merit across different degree programs. Specific quotas are allocated to institutions, with a significant portion reserved for Balochistan HEIs.

Distribution Strategy


The Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme 2024 is a significant initiative to promote digital literacy and technological advancement among students in Pakistan. By providing free laptops, the government aims to enhance educational quality, support smart campuses, and prepare the youth for a technologically driven future.

Quick Details in Table

Category Details
Application Deadline March 23, 2024
Eligibility Public sector university students, HEC-recognized institutes
Ineligibility Private institution students, previous laptop recipients, foreign nationals
Degree Programs Covered PhD, MS/MPhil, MBA, Masters, Undergraduate
Website for Application
Quota for Balochistan HEIs 14% (14,000 laptops)
Verification Process Online, through the university’s focal person
Merit List Publication Online and on university notice boards

This summary provides a comprehensive overview of the Prime Minister’s Youth Laptop Scheme Phase-III, ensuring clarity and accessibility for potential applicants.


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