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Good News: Punjab Electric Bike Scheme Provides 20000 Bikes to FSC Students

Overview of the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme

The 2000 Rechargeable Bike Initiative is open to all eligible households. Students who have completed education beyond Matric and FSC can apply for a motorbike through the Punjab Bikes Scheme by following the required authorization process.

If you prefer a lifestyle in remote areas, consider enrolling in the Punjab Solar Panel Plan. The Punjab Province Electric Cycle Scheme offers bicycles for eligible participants.

Monthly Stipend Increase for Special Persons

Scheme Details

Scheme Name: New 20,000 Electric Bike Scheme

Eligibility: Households and students with higher education (FSC and Matric)

Application: Registration is available at Bank of Punjab branches

BOP New Registration for Punjab Electric Bike Scheme

The Bank of Punjab has begun the registration process for the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme. You can now register at your nearest Punjab bank. Follow these steps to complete your application:

  1. Prepare Your Documents: Before visiting any local banks in Punjab, ensure you have your registration document ready. You can download the registration form online and fill in all your details.
  2. Submit Your Application: Bring a blank check and a copy of your national ID card along with the completed registration form to the bank.
Good News :Government of Sindh 20,000 Bike Scheme Online Registration Portal

How to Apply for the New 20,000 Electric Bike Scheme

The application process for the Punjab Electric Bike Project is straightforward. If your application is approved, you will be among the lucky recipients of the new electric motorcycles. Due to high demand, the number of applicants for 2024 has exceeded expectations.

Distribution of the 20,000 Electric Bike Scheme

To distribute the Punjabi Electric Bikes, several steps have been established. Each household will receive a full salary for the electric bikes under the Punjab Electric Bike Plan, with payments based on the individual’s skills.

Latest Update on the 20,000 Electric Bike Scheme Distribution

Punjab Solar Panel Scheme: Distribution of 2000 Electric Motorcycles

  • The high volume of applications has caused some distribution challenges.
  • Distribution for the Punjab Electric Cycles is scheduled for Monday.
  • Eligible users need to complete registration to receive their electric bikes.
  • The scheme aims to provide stable transportation for students in remote areas.
  • Bikes are supplied to help alleviate educational challenges.


Students who have completed their Baccalaureate and FSC education but struggle with transportation can benefit from this scheme. The government of Pakistan is improving public transportation through initiatives like the Punjab Solar Panel Scheme and the 20000 Electric Bike Scheme. By completing the authorization process, you can obtain an electric motorcycle with affordable payments. An initial deposit of 100,000 rupees is required to get the bike.


Why should I apply for the New 20,000 Electric Bike Scheme?

To apply for the Punjab Electric Bike Scheme, visit your nearest Bank of Punjab branch and register. Make sure you have the correct registration form and a copy of your national ID card.

What are the advantages of the 20,000 Electric Bike Scheme?

The Punjab Electric Bike Scheme aims to provide students with financial mobility after completing their FSC and Matric education, enabling them to travel to remote public schools easily.

How will the 20,000 Electric Bike Scheme be distributed?

The distribution process for the 20,000 Electric Bike Scheme is ongoing. Successful applicants will receive electric bikes to support both education and transportation in Punjab’s remote areas.

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