Punjab Agriculture Graduate Internship Program 2024 New Update

Punjab Agriculture Graduate Internship

I am going to talk about Maryam Nawaz Sahib’s new project, which is the Zarai Graduates Internship Program. And who are the graduates who can participate in it? This is a lollipop thing because it is a waste of time for our youth because they don’t apply when they are overage. Basically, if possible, the government should take the initiative and introduce the job vacancies and not the internship program. The Chief Minister of Punjab has introduced the internship program for agricultural graduates, all the details of which I will tell you, the total budget for this internship program is 759 million rupees, now I will tell you one more thing.

Internship New Update 

This internship program is only for graduates, that is, those who have done B.Sc. Agriculture of Owners, then this internship program is not for all other degree holders, because the Department of Livestock has brought them. Life stock card and this is an opportunity for agriculture they have given that internship program which is introdus is being earned then the rest are graduates who have PS degree then they will not be eligible for this it is only for agriculture. This is an internship program for all the graduates, the portal is there, those 1000 graduates will be employed, which means they will be taken under this internship program. Now let me tell you that this is only Punjab. For as many people as there are children in it who are graduates who have domicile of Punjab they will be eligible who are from Sun KPK or Balochistan graduates they will not be eligible for it now I am asking you.

Punjab Agriculture Graduate Internship
Punjab Agriculture Graduate Internship

Eligibility Criteria 

Let me tell you that what is the eligibility criteria, what is the eligibility criteria, see here in the educational qualification it is clearly written that B.Sc. The government does not want graduates who are three or four years old, they want fresh graduates whose age limit is 25 years and their domicile should be from Punjab, as I have already clarified that only from Punjab. All the graduates with domicile can participate in this internship program, now it will be discussed how much will be the stipend or how much will be their salary, then the fixed salary will be given to them which is 60 thousand rupees 60 thousand rupees. will be given, but let me tell you one thing that it will not be a permanent one, so you will lose in it, that means you are keeping it on a temporary basis, so the government should also work on the permanent waste. There are vacancies, they should be introduced so that the future of our youngsters can be saved from spoiling. Well, what is the method of applying? 

How to Apply 

First, you have to apply online and let me make one thing clear to you now. The method of online application has not been told and the porter has not been introduced and you have to submit the physical documents and the copies of the documents to the Deputy Director. You have to submit all the copies you have, that is, all the documents you have, now I want to show you one more thing or what I have, Agriculture Punjab. The website has been opened and here you can see the advertisement for the internship and all the details are written in it that the period will be one year. The internship program will be for one year and will be terminated after one year. These thousands of interns will be paid and preference will be given to local domiciled graduates. What you have in your own tehsil will be done. It is written here.


Well, here is another important point that you should have a smart phone and it is now available to everyone. You have to apply online but it is still not in working condition because its approval date is 3rd July 2024 and work is being done on it and as soon as the method of online application will be told then I will inshallah. I  will tell you people, then you will apply. The young people who are young are being facilitated. If you want to get more guidance, then you Download the number which is zero 800, then you can get more information by calling on it.

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