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Prime minister youth loan scheme 2024 Online apply

The Prime Minister’s Digital Youth Hub is a comprehensive platform designed to provide Pakistani youth with diverse opportunities in education, employment, engagement, and environment. This initiative aims to harness the potential of young Pakistanis, supporting them in their journey toward achieving their dreams and contributing to the nation’s progress. From scholarships and entrepreneurship to job hunting and volunteerism, the Digital Youth Hub covers a wide range of programs to empower and uplift the youth.

Overview of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme

The Prime Minister’s Youth Programme is a powerful initiative focused on empowering the youth of Pakistan. By tapping into the energy, ideas, and enthusiasm of young people, this program is laying the foundation for a prosperous and innovative Pakistan. The program’s focus is encapsulated in the “4E’s”:


The program promotes technical skills training alongside formal education, equipping youth with the knowledge and abilities needed to thrive in the modern world.


By increasing job opportunities, the program aims to enhance the employability of young people, ensuring they can contribute effectively to the economy.


Engaging youth in productive activities helps in character building and fosters a sense of responsibility and community involvement.


The program encourages youth to participate in activities that combat climate change and promote environmental sustainability.

Key Achievements

The Prime Minister’s Youth Programme has achieved significant milestones:

Achievement Details
Amount Disbursed ~106 Bn
Loan Distributed ~130 K
Laptops Distributed ~600 K
Skills Scholarships ~217 K
Total Courses Provided ~8 K
Total Engaged in Sports ~73 K
GYM Clubs 137

Opportunities and Programs

Loan Scheme

The PM’s Youth Business & Agriculture Loan Scheme encourages young people to start their own businesses. Loans are available through 15 commercial, Islamic, and SME banks with straightforward terms and low markup. Eligible applicants must be Pakistani citizens aged 21-45 (minimum age 18 for IT/E-Commerce-related firms). Applications are submitted exclusively through the official website.

PM’s Laptop Scheme

The PM’s Youth Laptop Scheme empowers students by providing laptops, enabling access to knowledge and fostering innovation. This initiative supports independent learning and skill development, paving the way for academic and professional success.

Job Opportunities

The Prime Minister’s Youth Programme offers a wide range of career opportunities. Young people can explore job openings that align with their aspirations and take the first step toward a successful career.


A diverse selection of free skill development courses and certifications is available through the program. Whether enhancing existing skills or acquiring new ones, these courses pave the way for better opportunities.


In partnership with Coursera, Microsoft, DigiSkills, and edX Harvard University, the program offers cutting-edge certifications in tech, vocational, and digital skills. These certifications aim to improve employability, stimulate creativity, and foster entrepreneurship.


The program provides a range of scholarships for students at various educational levels, from high school to PhD. These scholarships support academic journeys and help students achieve their educational aspirations.


Engaging competitions organized under the program allow youth to showcase their talents, gain experience, and seize opportunities for personal growth. These challenges ignite passion and unlock potential, shaping the future of participants.

Application Forms

The program offers various application forms for different initiatives:

  • PM’s Youth Business & Agriculture Loan Scheme
  • Youth Organizations Registration
  • National Youth Council
  • Agricultural Machinery Financing
  • Talent Hunt Youth Sports League
  • Prime Minister’s Youth Skill Development Program
  • Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme


Stay updated with the latest announcements and explore new opportunities provided by the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme. This dynamic initiative is continuously evolving to offer the best support and resources for the youth of Pakistan.


The Prime Minister’s Digital Youth Hub is a transformative platform designed to empower Pakistan’s youth. By providing diverse opportunities in education, employment, engagement, and the environment, the program aims to harness the potential of young people and guide them toward a successful future. Together, we can build a brighter, stronger, and more vibrant Pakistan. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together!


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