PMT score check | How to check PMT score online 2024

PMT score check

What is the score, how do you check the PMT score and how many PMTs can be added to the Up Bay Resident Less Support Program or can be taken in another program apart from those who have a high PMT score? How can you reduce your PM score. I will tell you about PMT score in full detai.

What is PMT Score 

Measuring Rail Super Pakistan A guest is set for the way you people measure water, it is measured in milliliters. To measure the economic conditions of the poor, a score called PMT score is set by When you register, your PMT score is generated.

How is the PMT score generated? 

How are the conditions of your house? How many people are you? What is your source and income? How is your house? They will distill your data in their tab and after that your PMT score will be generated. Hope you understand how PMT score is generated. Many people are worried that they are poor and entitled. But still their PMT score is high, what is the reason? Remember that PMT score is highly connected with family. For example, if you have five children and two out of the five children have completed their birth certificate, then your PMT score will be higher. The score will be lower, your family will be higher, that is, the link of PMT score with your family is very high, the higher your family is, the lower your PMT score will be. There are reasons why your PMT score is high. 

BISP PMT For Eligibility 

So you will be prioritized in the Benazir Income Support Program and you will start getting money from the Benazir Income Support Program and your PMT score will be from 32 to 40 then you will be sub city from utility store. But things will be given if your PM score will be more than 40 then you will not be included in any aid program from the government of Pakistan.

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PMT score will Increase in coming days

let’s give you the good news that the next day it will be 25 and then 30 done and still we discover which is 32 is running but in coming days we are going to make PMT score up to 40 now you tell how to check PMT score up Qadr on behalf of Pakistan Govt. Last day first PMT checker website was released and people were checking their PMT score but it was a big loss that as soon as people wanted to register their PMT scoe used to increase if you had someone you knew or if you paid someone or if you paid someone to get your survey done and they told you that I am a newbie, my score is also yours. If it is more, that person used to update your form again i.e. he used to edit and reduce many things in it i.e. he used to show your poverty more and then your PMT Score was reduced because of this. A meeting was called in the office of Benazir Income Support Program and they were told that all the people who are being surveyed this time are very poor, 

What is the reason? 

People check and then pay money to reduce their PMT score and in this way the poor and entitled people do not get their right while those who are more rich get money, so Pakistan Govt. The portal to check the PMT score has been closed, now you can check the PMT score only from your nearest office Benazir Kim Support Program or from the Government of Pakistan. 

Check PMT Score by Helpline 

You can also check your PM score by calling the helpline introduced by and the number of the helpline will be displayed on the screen. It should be noted that the PMT score increases and decreases with time. For those who are receiving money from the Benazir Income Support Program, I will tell you two or four tricks by which your PMT score will increase. Rather, it will be less. 

How to maintain PMT Score 

All those people who are receiving money from Benazir incume Support Program are requested to use their account as little as possible so that the PMT score is maintained. That is, even if you already use more than 1000 per month, your PMT Discover will be higher if you register one or more motorbikes in your name, even if you take them to someone else. But if it is registered in your name If yes, then your PMT score will be higher. I hope you people will have got complete information about PMT score.

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