PM Tablet Plot Application Status Check | Students who have gotten a passing review of 60% or over are qualified to apply for this program OF 2024

PM Tablet Plot Application Status Check 

To check the status of your PM Tablet Plot application online and decide your qualification for accepting the portable workstation, you can effectively take after the steps given below:

Click on the “Check Eligibility” button on the PM Portable workstation Plot website.

Fill out the shape that shows up, giving your title, city title, college title, and national personality card number.

After entering the required data, press the “Filter” button.

Your status will be shown quickly, demonstrating whether you are qualified to get the laptop.

The PM Tablet Plot, started by Prime Serve Shahbaz Sharif, points to give tablets to meriting understudies. If you have been connected to the conspiracy, you can presently check your qualification and collect your portable workstation from your particular college as per the given status.

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PM Portable workstation Conspire 2024 

The Prime Serve Tablet Conspire presently offers the comfort of online enrollment for the year 2024. Understudies can yield their applications online until 20th June 2030.

Under the authority of Pakistan’s current Prime Serve, Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, the Prime Serve Youth Program’s tablet program has been restored. As part of this plot, both male and female understudies will get one portable workstation each. The official declaration with respect to the restoration of the PM Portable workstation Conspire was made by Shahbaz Sharif, the extraordinary partner to the Prime Minister.

Restarting the portable workstation program was done to help understudies in working online whereas moreover permitting them to proceed their ponders online. They will be able to productively total their tutoring with the help of this.

Eligible Colleges for PM Tablet Scheme:

The Prime Serve Tablet Plot offers an opportunity for understudies to profit one lakh tablets. To be qualified, understudies must be selected in one of the colleges or colleges recognized by the Higher Instruction Commission (HEC) to get computers.

For the list of colleges qualified for the PM Portable workstation Plot, it would be ideal if you visit the taking after website.

Eligibility Criteria for PM Portable workstation Scheme:

Students who were already unsuccessful in getting a tablet through the program are qualified to apply again.

To qualify for the tablet program, you must meet the taking after criteria:

You must be an understudy enlisted at a college or institution that has gotten acknowledgment from the Higher Instruction Commission (HEC).

Students in their beginning year of a four-year BS or BSc program are qualified to apply.

You require a National Character Card (NIC) or B-form to be qualified for the PM Tablet Scheme.

Students who have gotten a passing review of 60% or over are qualified to apply for this program OF 2024

If you have completed the to begin with year of a two-year Master’s degree with a review of 60% or higher, you are qualified to apply for the PM Tablet Scheme.

Students seeking after a PhD, MS, or MPhil program are moreover qualified to apply.

Students who have secured confirmation at taking part in education until December 31, 2024, are qualified to apply for the PM Portable workstation Scheme.

Degree Name



5 Years

MS/ MPhil or Equivalent

2 Years


3.5 Years


2.5 Years


1.5 Years

Masters (16 years)

2 Years


5 Years


4 Years

Showing 1 to 8 of 8 entries

Ineligible Understudies for PM Portable workstation Scheme:

University understudies from the private sector.

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Students who have as of now been given tablets through the portable workstation program.

either inhabitants of Azad Jammu and Kashmir or outside nationals.

students who don’t fit the qualifications.

not applying online by students.

Those understudies need comprehensive documentation.

Students who graduate from their degree program some time recently the tablet distribution.

How to apply Online for Portable workstation Conspire 2024.

With the help of the interface given underneath, understudies who have not, however , enlisted for the Prime Serve Portable workstation Conspire 2024 online can do so without trouble. In expansion, you can observe the video underneath for all the specifics.

What is the PM Tablet Plot Application Status Check?

The PM Tablet Plot Application Status Check is a framework that permits you to see how distant along your application for a piece of arrival (plot) is in the endorsement handle. Envision you’re applying to purchase a particular plot of arrival on a tablet computer (PM Tablet) – this check lets you see where your application stands. It’s like taking after a formula: you yield your fixings (application) and the framework tells you if they’re being looked into (blended), affirmed (cooked!), or require something more (fixings missing!).

Why do I require you to check the status of my PM Tablet Plot application?

Knowing the status of your application makes a difference when you arrange ahead. If it’s still beneath the survey, you can unwind a bit. But if it needs extra data, you can accumulate those archives rapidly to dodge delays. It’s like holding up a delightful cake to prepare – checking the stove (status check) tells you if it’s nearly done or needs a little longer.

How can I check the status of my PM Tablet Plot application?

There are a few ways to check your application status, depending on how you submitted it:

Online: If you connected online through a site or entrance, you might be able to log in with your accreditations and see the status straightforwardly. See for a segment called “Applications” or “My Entries” where you can discover points of interest in your plot application.

Phone: A few government offices might offer a phone hotline where you can call and ask approximately your application status. Be arranged to give your application reference number or other recognizing data when you call.

In Individual: You might too be able to visit a government office in individual to check your application status. This may be accommodating if you have inconveniences getting to data online or by phone.

What data will I see when I check my application status?

The data you see will depend on the particular framework utilized by the government organization. Be that as it may, it will ordinarily include:

The current status of your application: This seems to be something like “Submitted,” “Beneath Audit,” “Endorsed,” or “Needs Extra Information.”

The date your application was submitted: This makes a difference when you track how long it’s been in the process.

Any extra data: If your application requires advance activity, the status might clarify what you require to do and by when.

What if I require offer assistance checking my application status?

If you’re having inconvenience checking your application status online or by phone, you can continuously reach out to the government organization that handles arrival applications. They ought to have a contact number or e-mail address recorded on their site or on any records you obtained when you submitted your application. Do not delay to inquire for offer assistance – that’s what they’re there for


By understanding the PM Tablet Plot Application Status Check, you can remain educated and guarantee a smoother handle for procuring your wanted plot of arrival. Keep in mind, checking your status is like looking into the stove – it makes a difference when you expect the delightful result (your arrival endorsement)!

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