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The information we are going to share with you is information about the portal in 8-71, that is, 81-71. About the web portal that web portal because there could be the distribution of flour whether you are eligible for flour or not or whether you are eligible for 2000 in Sindh or not but you are dynamic again this portal. With the database of the registry to check the eligibility and non-eligibility of eligible and ineligible people which has been restored how you can check your eligibility and how people can check that you are eligible or ineligible you can also check if you have to register Then on which date you can register and with the help of this you can find out when your registration is so and so. If you have a date, you should go on that date so that you don’t have to face problems.

Google Chrome:

Let’s start this, but before that, all friends who are. I told them that the portal of Pet Seven had been restored and to know it we went to our mobile screen first opened our Google Chrome and checked it in Google Chrome. We have 8V7PK which we have searched and it is at the top. We will discuss the various options available to us in this, first of all, I am searching for an ID card that we have recently registered in the dynamic survey. When we search for it after giving the capsa, the system will tell us that your app has been registered in the dynamic register. Also, when we check again, we will now search for the ID card that is yet to be registered in the dynamic registry, meaning it is invalid, but its registration can be done when we search for it.

Sponsorship program:

If you go, what kind of writing will we get or what will he tell us? Yes, it is possible on such and such date. Please visit your nearest registration center for re-enrollment on the given date and bring along your NADRA ID card and BAFAM. What does this portal say about the amount of money attached to it? They will have information about your ID card, they will know what this ID card is, this is eligible, this is regular money, see this, it is saying yes, you are eligible for the sponsorship program if you have recently paid 800. If you have not received Rs.up, go to the nearest center in your district and collect the money, then it can become an uprush with the help of 8wind Porter. Whether you are eligible or not eligible you can check all your information sitting at home by yourself. Search the portal list and after searching, go to the app so that you can sit on the way and this date can be selected for you. 

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