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Pakistan New Currency Notes 2024 Pictures

Pakistan New Currency Notes 2024 Pictures :

While doing this, it has been stated that the State Bank of Pakistan has made an open decision to print the new currency. Therefore, it will be designed in a way to recognize them, the work has been started on it, that is, the work will be completed by 2024, which is the same year. There were 500 rupees notes, the old ones were big, 100 rupees were big, all of them were phased out and new notes were introduced, including 1000 rupees and 500 rupees notes. 

Expire notes on  December 30, 2024:

There was also a 100 rupee note which was big size earlier, now it has become a small size, but let’s see here, there were big size notes of five rupees, they have expired two years ago, the big size notes are valid. They are convertible which expires on December 30, 2024, and the most important question is why this big currency and this current currency are being converted. The cash economy of Pakistan is very high. People are keeping money in their homes. How can they be brought into deficit? This was one of the stages where it was a good decision that the currency should be changed and the large-size notes should be scrapped so that the black money kept the coins in the market in their homes.

The biggest issue here is that the more the currency calculation is done, the higher inflation in the market, and this was also discussed with them, here they have said that the biggest problem which is not in tips net has been targeted, in which he said that the most important thing is what is going to be the decision for the note of five thousand rupees.

The maximum of 1,000 rupees of the note has also been said the biggest issue will be the cancellation, that is, the old currency should not be abolished because there is a phase when the government will come and after the government approves them. Let me tell you here that the State Bank is the terminist body here and it can decide by itself in the same way as the currency. The question arises what is the plan of the old currency and what effect will it have on the economy? It is not in the tax net and it should be canceled when it was entered and the maximum load of Rs.10000 should be below. No, if it is brought in place, the government will come, and the government will have their approval. Also read: Ehsas Program News

Decision of  State Bank:

Let me tell you here that the State Bank has decided, and the most important question here is what is the plan for the old currency and its Also, what is the biggest problem in the economy, which is hidden by people in their homes, is not in the tax net, and when a new currency comes and the old currency has to be changed. Then all the people give it to the government, if it has to be given to the state bank or commercial banks, like the normal procedure, tell me that the current series, which are old notes, is thousand Of rupees, And other currencies that are exchanged, then you go to the bank and deposit them in your account, in exchange for which you get a note. The size of the era of 1000 rupees is 5000 rupees, 100 rupees is worth billions of rupees, which is in the currency circulation market and here we will see that so many notes are printed, inflation is also increasing and Pakistan will be formed and the biggest problem is that as I say, there is a note of five thousand rupees and if we see a country, it is worth five lakh rupees. Also read: 8171 Portal 2024

Huge Problem Oversized Currency:

Chairman said that oversized currency was a huge problem In any form, people convert or keep corrupt money in it, they have to be liquidated, as well as other currencies that people have kept, so the cash economy will be documenting what you have and the best to document it. The new currency must bring a new number and if we look at it, it will not change at all in the market. The important thing is that if the top of the market is reviewed, then the biggest currency that is at the moment is the five thousand rupees note of the market.

The recognized percentage who command one thousand rupees is the currency note and the remaining 15% have notes of 500 and 5 thousand rupees and the complaints are coming to the people who are getting fake notes. There is a large scale and if I tell you about two years of money data, notes of 38 thousand rupees have been seized because the State Bank has been done and before that we should review and The big number is the people’s billions of rupees that are being wasted in fake notes and the loss to the people that are being read by the businessmen.

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