Good News Pakistan New Currency Note| All the Notes Should be Changed

Pakistan New Currency Note : 

After the announcement of the monetary policy, State Bank Governor Jameel Ahmed, in an informal conversation with journalists, said that the State Bank has taken a principled decision to introduce new currency notes of all denominations, which will be printed with international security features.

Notes New serial number design introduced with high-security feature It is hoped that the framework for the design of the new notes will be completed by the current year. State Bank was invited to the program to discuss what was done. The spokesperson of State Bank said that the State Bank will issue a detailed reward tomorrow. This is a routine practice which does not matter.

All the Notes should be Changed:

According to international practice, all the notes should be changed in 15 to 20 years, you will have to bring new notes and cancel the old notes. This is very worthy of appreciation. Now with this, I have two suggestions when you bring the new Currency notes the old notes are canceled. But if you do one more thing about documentation and clearing the black money you can do that when it comes to taking a new load of currency. You can only ask him that if you give him your identity card, then this will solve the big problem of Pakistan. They are kept, and they will come to the market.

Security Feature:

The second thing is the security feature that you are talking about. In Pakistan no one can talk about it, it is a technical subject, but my view is that when we are taking this step we know the economy of Pakistan and we know that about nine trillion people are living in Pakistan. So if in some way they can be documented in the economy, then this is the right step and this is the first step that has been taken for this. It is necessary to convert them, which usually if someone was doing it, it was giving the impression that the black money is converted into white and the black door is going to bring big problems to them. It is not a simple matter. I have no problem, there should be no obstacle, but it should be that this ID card belongs to you, it has been taken from me, old seen passes, and new ones are taken. Also read: New Currency Pakistan

It should not be without this case that anyone who wants to take money out of his house and return it as rent, but the way he took two billion and went to the bank and they are doing gluttony, this should not happen and you This is the time Give the frame on New Year’s day for six months and you can give it to everyone in every branch.

There is no need to go to the state bank. There are thousands of branches of the Bank of Pakistan. It is said that even if an employee from any branch goes, take a new note, that is, you are saying that a white-up is going to do such a big exercise, and use the exercise for doctorate and if there is a marriage, then I will do it. Regarding the loan in Pakistan, you have to cancel the note. Also read: Pakistan New Currency Notes 2024 Pictures

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