NSER Nadra gov pk online registration 2024 | NSER Update 

NSER Nadra gov pk online registration

There is great news for whoever has this survey slip as you guys knew when this free ration and all these things were available. You don’t have to do any kind of registration, the main reason for this was the token, it was the survey token, because of which you didn’t have to do any kind of survey and you got free ration, all these things. and because of this survey token you used to get money earlier and because of this survey token you are eligible for all the programs of the government.

Survey Slip Update

First of all, Whoever has this slip is good news for those people, because on the basis of this slip and the same survey, you get money for five years and six years. has been and after that your money was stopped after the new government came and after that new survey programs had also started due to which you did not need it but now it is again It is going to start, I will tell you how it will start again and here you can see the program of the bike, 

Motorbike Program update

Registration has started, its website is available here Bikes. By Punjab.gov.pk till April 29, the last date is, you can get registered and this means you can get a motorcycle without interest and your monthly installment will be 11676 rupees per month. And 7325 rupees is the installment for girls and 11 thousand is the monthly installment for boys. This is a package of 20 billion rupees from the government of Punjab and only for students of Punjab, this free motorcycle program or Please understand that the motorcycle program without interest has been started and electric bikes will also be given which run on electricity and many people are saying that this is only a CC bike. You will get as many things as you want, but you will get this motorcycle without any interest. Some amount means 10,000 rupees, you have to deposit 1,000 rupees in advance. 

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What is the benefit of this receipt?

 Friends, based on this receipt, now there are eligible people by disqualifying them. Now you people who used to get money will be eligible. Now go and ask them, their money has stopped and they are not getting money anymore and this is the reason. You people who have these receipts are the real rightful people and these people are being re-eligible and what will these people do now listen carefully to all the things from here. You have to listen carefully that now whoever has this survey token you will have to do the survey again if you want to be entitled to it otherwise you will not be able to be entitled to it. You can also tell those who have this survey token, they can quietly go there and get their survey done and after that they will be given what they have. 

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How to become Part Of BISP 

It is very easy and simple if you will send such a person to do the survey, who has vehicles in his name, who has land in his name, who has performed Hajj Umrah, who has made passports, etc. If it has happened, then it is a matter of magic, those who have daily or monthly SIM, who already have a SIM, will not be eligible. If they use it more, then send such people who have a SIM in their name. But I use the monthly palace and all these things less. If Hajj Umrah has not been done, there is no meaning in his name that there are no items, etc. It is fine. If he goes, he will be eligible for one night. I am not all such people who have bungalows and cars in their names. So he will be eligible immediately and will start getting the money he has. If you don’t send such people, remember who is not eligible and who has this survey token. When they will conduct the survey, more people will be eligible, because they are entitled people, they have already been surveyed, they will have more priority, so there is no need to carry tokens. There is no need to show them the token there, you just have to do the survey, those who have these tokens, just go and do the survey, that’s it,you show your survey token there, they will say, first you were taking money, now after five years, others are eligible, that’s why you who The money will not be received again, so instead of going to the registration center and showing them this survey token, you have to keep it with yourself. You only have to get the survey done. This registration center is present in every tehsil of the district. The address is the helpline number 0802647, you can call, you can also find out your money, you can also find out your family members. I hope you will like this video.

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