Nigehbaan Program Registration process Update 2024

Nigehbaan Program Registration process

The government has started a new program for 64 lakh poor families, now another 64 lakh families will be supported by the government and they In addition to Benzaid Income Support Program, a new program has been entered here by the government and through this program up to 12,000 people will get support here, who will pay up Bensar Income Support. After receiving the beneficiary from the program, you will continue to receive it and along with it you can apply for Ap Nigheban card. The government has started now how to make Nigehbaan card program what will be the procedure Makkah Madinah will be shared with you people and after that you people have to get registered in this program as soon as your registration is done. After that, InshaAllah, you people will start receiving assistance. Benzair Income Support Program will also support you, but along with this, you people should also be provided with the help of the Nigheban Card Program if you need it. If you are eligible and want to join this program. When you guys will apply for Nigehbaan card program, inshallah you guys will also get assistance in Nigehbaan program here. There are those who are seeking assistance and if they get some assistance here, if they are supported, then a new program has been entered here and in this program, poor and deserving families will be supported through the Nigheban card program if If you also want to apply for this program, then the information that I am going to share with you people must be with you, 

Government Scheme Update 

First thing that the government will tell you when there is Benazir Income 4 program, that is. Whether it is Banizer card program or Nigehbaan ration program or utility store program, for that you are told that you have to apply and to apply you must have these things, so first of all you have You have to register your commission card in one of your habits. This is said for all programs because when you enter a program or make a payment, the government will notify you via SMS. sends you a message and through this message you know that you have become a part of this program or you have been included in this program, your payment has been received, your children’s stipend has been received, all that Information is available here, like you are called 8171, so the first thing you need to do is to register your number for the program you have on your ID card. The number can be used by any network sim that is available, download the sim of any network that is available and assign it to it so that you have information about whatever new program you have. May they meet you here and the other thing is that the Nigehbaan card program which the government is starting will support the families especially those who are older and whose families are lying here. Those families who are poor will also be given bread here, those who are widows will be supported here, those who are elderly people will be supported here, for this purpose the government has started this program. 

Registration Process 

What is it and will it be beneficial to make 64 lakhs in it? The registration of this program is now being started by the government. This program has been started by the government for poor families. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif is also trying. There is a program that should be issued across the country, such a scheme that will benefit the common man. In this way, if we see, the government started the laptop scheme, started Kisan Kaat for the farmers and now started the program which is Nigehbaan. Now you must have seen that in the month of Ramadan, the government had started a program called Nigehbaan Ramadan program, in which the bags of wheat flour were given to 70 lakhs of thighs by the government. Now the government is increasing it further and supporting the people in a new way, in which the assistance up to 12,000 will be provided and this assistance will last for four months. That is, after every three to four months, you will get Rs 12,000, that is, you will get Rs 3,000 in one month. The registration is expected to start in the coming days, maybe next week, so as soon as the registration in the guardian program starts, you will be informed about it here and the Bancel Income Support Program that was running here. In this also, the help of you people will be released here. Nihban will be a big program in the way it was started for people earlier, so you have to register in it. You have to have your identity card. Be present in your family without any form,Farad has become their CNIC and they have information about what they do. You have to submit complete information. After that, God willing, if you are eligible, you will also be included in this program and pencil. If we talk about the program on income, there are a lot of people waiting here for aid, when the aid will be released by the government.

Complaint Registration Process 

I will tell you that the government has tried to There is a poor class which is suffering from labor and hard work, then there is a working class, we should not make them wait too long and let the others release the money, then you have received what you have paid till March, now you have the new money. You will get this for April, May and June, that is, the installment of three months, the government will give you the money for January, February, and March. If it has been done, then their problem has been solved. If you have not done the complaint registration, you have not received the money yet, you go, if the problem arises there again, then you can also approach Nadra, apart from this, in your area. There is an office of the PSP program in Benazir Income Support Program, go to Balal, they will listen to your problem and solve it and you will get the payment because now what is the government going to give and the new installment. Yes, it will be given in the coming days and for this the government is trying to complete the work as soon as possible and it will be delivered to the people within June.

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