Good news New May payment start 2024

New May payment start

The Ehsaas Kafalat Program, Benazir Income Support Program, in which I will tell you that the new The case is that the preparation is going to the pride of those who were saying earlier that it was started in June, but the intention of the government to start it now has also been announced. Preparations for this are also in full swing, how will you get it, who will get it on the camp side, and what will be the procedure, I will share with you, God willing, and there are many such women.This is the last installment for those who will not get the money of the invisible income support program. It will also be discussed in full detail as to why they will continue to receive what they have. Apart from the payment of the children, I will be with you whether you will get it or not and I am also at your service with a new update regarding the ATM, in which I am here to help you. I will tell the details and also hear any other problems that the bank account is opening in which districts and which banks have got these other calculators ok. I will share all these things with you.

2nd Payment Update 

First of all, let me tell you about the second installment, the new one that is going to be started, since when is it being started. First, it was said by the government that what we have after the budget is our own. Yes, they will start it, but there is not enough change in it. Now, what you have, you will get it in the month of May and start it, and you will also receive the water for payment in the same month. You will also get it in the same month. Well, both pumps are together. Now there are many women who will not get what they have. This case will be their last case. I will tell you about them, InshAllah, okay, first of all, let me tell you that the one that is starting now will be going to the camp side. Well, you must have seen Naveed Akbar’s video too, it is viral on social media also in many groups and the news that is happening in the news is also in the news. The payment you will get now will not be found at the shops, you will get it at the camp side. It is ok to go to the camp as all the retailers are sitting in the same place and then go there and pay. There is a lot of trouble, you get payment, you know that there is a lot of rush, a lot of women are also worried, the gates are closed, when the gates are up, there are a lot of women who are under each other. If the turtle goes, there are a lot of problems. 

Problem At Camp Site During Payment 

There are a lot of problems at the camp site. It is fine at the shops. The people of Ezeli used to get money. There was a rush for a couple of days. If you set up a camp on the Qaim side, you can check them to see how many people are there and how much there is a rush, so you will have to face a lot of difficulties now that it is starting in May. And after that, among them, I will tell you which women will not get this case and which women will be the last episode. They won’t get this case. It’s fine. If they have children’s payments, they will get their children’s payments, but in their own case, they won’t get it. After their payment has been stopped, the women who have not yet registered their direct registry and Benazir take the money from the low support program will get this last case. Granted, now they have made the date of November-October, so maybe the date can be increased, but until then, how will you continue to get what you have, whether it is your children’s payment or your own. If you haven’t done the survey yet, you will get it from the following case, and good news for all the women who have registered themselves in the medical register and ID card of the husband or the form of their children also in the 81 Kartar portal, this is good news for all those women who have joined this program for two years, who have been excluded from this program. It has been done, it has been canceled, they are out of this program, they will not get this case and they will have to get the payment for their children. 

Payment Withdraw By ATM 

Now let me tell you that now this Will it work on the ATM or not? I also tell you that regarding the children, I informed you that the children’s quarters,Four PS is also starting the campaign but now there were many people’s comments whether the existing ATMs will be restored this time or not. They have decided to restore the case after June, till then it is ready to give money at the camp side, apart from that they have not given any new information, nor any ATM. Neither did he say that we are restoring the Jo Hai ATM. Earlier Naveed Akbar said that we are restoring the Mithi M. If you want to get the payment, you will get it on the cam side as well and on the same side, we have three servants who have made you deserve it. They will solve it, that’s why they said that we have built the side, there will not be any deduction etc. But there you have a lot of problems, you stand in the land all day and the devices are also very slow, three or four days. The device doesn’t work. It’s fine. Let’s go. If it’s one, two, three, four, or five, the women’s money comes out, nothing else happens, and the rush is so much that they don’t even let anyone leave. Let’s see what happens. Is it okay? This work is starting. It can be done from tomorrow. And since May 13th, they have been saying since May 13th and 15th that what is happening is done in a proper way. Who were they? It will be given, because in June you know that the budget is there. After the budget, there will be an increase in the next installment and they will tell us how much we have to give for the next installment, but so far they have told us that 10,500 installments that you will get this time and many women who have not registered dynamic registry yet can wait because now the date has been extended get 21 if you don’t have children etc. 

Who Are Not Registered In Dynamic Survey 

Then don’t register up dynamic resist yet after getting this if your code gets blocked ok then go and register yourself if as long as you are getting paid no kids ok Yes, those women who have four or five children or three children can go and register themselves in the dynamic register, God willing, they will continue to be included in this program. The time till October has been extended, so wait until you are receiving it, you will continue to receive it, on the day your money is stopped, go again and get biometric done, God willing, then you can join this program again.

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