Big News:New Car Loan Scheme Launch In Pakistan Update 2024

New Car Loan Scheme Launch In Pakistan

I will tell you how to buy a car on installments, even if you want to buy a new car, you have to buy a car in used condition on installments. If you are still thinking of buying a car, I will guide you through the complete procedure. And I will tell you where you will get the used car in installments, brother, every person wishes that he will get a car, because looking at the inflation in Pakistan, you will be able to drive, and I will tell you that you How to buy a car in installments if you want to buy a car by paying 5,6,6,10,2,000 installments, how can you buy a new car, what are the rules and regulations for more details? In this complete video, first of all, I tell you that if you go to the bank and request the bank that I want a car on installment, now you don’t have your demand, you tell them that I want such and such a car, I want it, I want it, I want it, or I want it. Corolla or want a car in any section. Read: Ehsaas Amdan Program CNIC Unused Overhaul Check Online Enrollment 25000 OF 2024

Net Cash

First of all, I will tell you what the bank’s eligibility criteria are, what are the rules of the bank, which you will follow, and the day you will get the car in installments. After that I will tell you to go to the local showroom and buy a Mehran Alto Corolla or any vehicle in used condition if you want to buy it and you want to buy it for example, five lakh rupees. I mean, I don’t have 5 lakh rupees for the car in my net cash. I will also pay the installment for 5 months, 10 months, 1 year and a half year. If you go to the bank, the first thing the bank asks you is what you do. If you can, you have to give proof of your business, your salary or the job you are doing, first of all, and this tells the bank that your minimum salary is around 80. Read:Web portal registration 2024 complete procedure 

Total Payment

Two lakhs should be 80 dozen or two lakh rupees or your salary should be monthly minimum, in addition to this, it goes to the bank. When you finance the car, you are a businessman, you are a salaried person, you are a freelancer. They will request to make it used, but they don’t pay much attention to the used car, apart from that, if it is about down payment, you have to pay the total payment.If you are financing a car worth Rs. Also Read: Benazir Income Support Program Has Started Registration.

New Car Loan Scheme Launch In Pakistan

Pay a Round Payment

10 lakh, then you have to pay a round payment of Rs. 2 lakh and 50 thousand and the remaining payment of Rs. You have to return it from the bank, if you finance the car, it gives a budget of about 1 lakh to 1 crore. If you are not so strong, then they will give you the vehicle after financing it up to 30-35 lakhs. Maybe they can finance you any hatchback sedan SUV cater category vehicle with a budget of around Rs. Which car can you buy? You can buy a new car from the bank. You can also buy a car in used condition And if you want to import your car, then import your car.Read:Web portal registration 2024 complete procedure


Are there any new car loan schemes launched in Pakistan recently (as of May 13, 2024)?

No, there haven’t been any major announcements regarding entirely new car loan schemes as of today.

Are there any existing programs that can help with financing a car?

Yes! Here are a couple of options:

Prime Minister’s Meri Gari Scheme (2021): 

This government initiative aims to make car ownership more affordable by potentially reducing car prices. While it doesn’t directly offer loan schemes, it can indirectly make car loans more manageable.Read:Web portal registration 2024 complete procedure

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