Negahban Card program 12000 New Program Start 2024 

Negahban Card program 12000 New Program Start

Ehsaas Kafalat program, Benazir Income Support Program, in which I will tell you how to register in three programs. How can you do the new three programs that have been started, one of them is the Kahan card program, apart from this you know that the program has been started, I will also tell you how to register online in it. Can you do, what things will be your requirement and another program regarding e-bike program, a new program was started by Maryam Nawaz in which you know that you will be given a motorbike, so how can you do it in them? You can register. 

How To Registered In BISP 

First of all, I will tell you about the program, how you can get yourself registered in the autonomous program and who are the people who are in it. First of all, I will tell you that the requirements that are in it, those who are beneficial, those who take money from Benazir Income Support Program are the only ones. Only the independents join the program, except that anyone else who is a woman or any person cannot join this program. They can join this program if their age is more or less then they can not join this program now I will share with you how much age they have here. Any women between the ages of 18 to 36 years who take the money of the Invisible Income Support Program can apply in this program. I will tell you how to apply. 

How To Apply 

If those women are widows, they will make a business for themselves. They will open a shop etc. for this business. Therefore, they will have to apply or their earlier system was one in which they took the rickshaws of the employment scheme, etc., then there are many women in it, they were named through credit, so this time. In the same way, they want to include people in this program, so I have told you that all the women from 18 years to 36 years are included in this program who take the money of Benazir Income Support Program. will be included in this program, well, if his name is included in this program, if his husband is alive, then he will be given something like, for example, a shop will be given to him. or by taking them a rickshaw etc. or any topic whatever they do which is their daily work according to which they will give them work and bring things ok so this program can be included like this.

Independent Program 

Now let me tell you that this was an independent program. Now let me tell you the Candy Keban card program that they are starting. Which people will be included in it? Women’s comments and many people’s comments were posted below, so I want to answer them exactly what is in it. Those who are enough people, men can also join it and women can also join this program. You may know that emergency cash program was started in Corona, men also got payment in it and women also got payment, so they can also join this program. Let me tell you the procedure.


I also told you. First of all, the procedure is that all the people who received ration in the Ramadhan ration program, for one, those women, can join this program even if they are men. They can also join this program.Now how much payment will they get, I also tell you that you will get 12 thousand rupees three times in a year, 36 thousand rupees in one year and this is the program until Will the Punjab government remain or will it continue to function? Well, you can join the guardian card program. Those who are included in the low support program, if their PMT score is low, then they should also be included in this program, as I told you that they were included in the emergency program, but what is known to you. It has been distributed to all the people who have sufficient status, they know enough, those who had land, those who had vehicles, this ration was given in their name, 

Nigehbaan Card Program Update 

The Nigehbaan card program is being started. It will also include rich people who are rich and about 10% of women who are under Benazir Income Support Program will be included and they have to take some data from social welfare people that they know. They have to get the data of those who are receiving aid in Al-Mal, who are widows, and they have to include them in the Nigheban card program, so if you are among them, if you want to join. If so, you can join this program. OK, contact the social welfare office in your district or tehsil where they have their offices and you can get your name included in this program. After that, I will also tell you about the bike program. 

Registration process 

First, you can register online for the bike program. The people who will be included are those who have an income of less than 60 thousand or have a low salary. Employees can also join this bike program. They can also get it and there are some conditions. So you must have a license. Apart from the license, you cannot apply in this program. Even students can also join it if they want to get a bike. They want to get a motorcycle. I will also give you the link for it, you can go and apply, but I have told you the procedure. First of all, your license must be valid. Your ID card must be valid. etc. If you want to do online registration in this program then you can log in. After logging in you have to register your account here. You will have a page open for creating, in the page you have to give complete details, in which class you are studying, if you are a government employee, then they will ask you the details as soon as you enter your ID card, then you The complete date details are presented to them. OK, you have to fill this form. You have to fill this form and send it. Then the registration will be for those who have the license. Without a license, there is no registration of any kind. No one can join this program. First of all, you must have your license, then you can go and register for this program. is the last rate which brothers who want to apply in it and can do it as soon as possible so that you can join this program. If you have taken it, then if you are still alive, you can apply for this program as soon as possible. 

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