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Nadra’s Ehsas registration center:

It’s very good news for all, as you guys know that when you get a free ration and all these things, you don’t have to register for any kind of reason, the main reason for this is the token. There was a survey token due to which you didn’t have to do any kind of survey and you were getting all these things like free ration and because of this survey token you were getting money earlier and because of this head.

There are government programs, it is qualified in, Whoever has this slip is good news for those people. Because based on the same slip and the same survey, you people have been getting money for five years and six years, and after that, your money stopped, after the new government came in, and after that, the new survey programs also started. It was done so you didn’t need it but now it

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Registration of the free motorcycle program:

You can see the registration of the free motorcycle program. Its website has been launched and is available here Bikes.Punjab.DGP till the 29th of April you can register which is the last date and it is an interest which means you can get a motorcycle In this, your monthly installment will be 11.76 rupees monthly installment and 7325 rupees is the installment for girls and 11k for boys.

There are students, who understand them without form, they will also be given that run on electricity and many people who say, look, you will get what you want, but what is in it, you will get e-motor without interest. You will get a bicycle and just write some amount, that means 10,000 rupees, you have to deposit. What is the benefit of this receipt? who used to get money before, you should go and ask them, their money has stopped and they are not getting money anymore and this is the reason that you people who have these receipts are the real rightful people.

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Instructions for re-eligibility:

And these same people are being re-eligible and what will these people do, now listen carefully to what is here, you have to listen carefully to all the things that you have now who have this survey tool. Yes, you will have to get the survey done again if you want to be entitled to it, otherwise you will not be entitled to it. So it will happen that those who do not have houses, bungalows, or charades in their name, then those who are there when they go and register, will immediately start getting less, if you do not send such people, remember.

Keep those who are not eligible and who will have this service all the people who are will be eligible because those who are eligible people they have already been surveyed they will have more priority ok save the token there What is required is to do those who have these tokens just go and do the survey ok after that they will be eligible if you show your survey token which is there then they will say first you take money Now, after five years, others get paid, so that’s why you won’t get the money again, so instead of showing them the survey token, you went to the registration center. All you have to do is to conduct a survey. This registration center is available in every district’s tehsil. If you don’t know, the helpline number is 0, 8, 0, 0, 2, 6, 4, 7 and above.

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