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Meri Gari Scheme by Government How to Apply

Meri Gari Scheme by Government How to Apply If you want to get your own car, especially our youngsters, this scheme will be very beneficial for them. They have a motorcycle and they want to move their car. The Parliamentary Sector for Sana to Trade Ms. Alia Hamza Malik will be able to benefit from it and the State Bank of Pakistan is going to formulate a government policy that will help to reduce the number of cases. It will be easier for the citizen to buy his car on the reduction of payment and easy installments, while it is being said about the down payment according to an estimate that the government wants to benefit the Pakistanis who can afford a motorcycle with this scheme.  Read:How to apply Kisan card

Down Payment

Meri Gari Scheme by Government How to Apply It is also under consideration that the down-table should be kept equal to the price of a motorcycle and not one, that the remaining cost of the vehicle will be divided into easy installments of five to seven years. Accordingly, the down payment will be up to one lakh, which is much less than the down payment of the vehicles leased from the bank at the local level. In the screen, the government will subsidize the banks, that is, the banks will finance the vehicles and the government will bear the major part of the interest. 

Principal Amount 

Meri Gari Scheme by Government How to Apply Will pay the banks themselves while the applicant will pay the principal amount and minor interest rate of the vehicle and in this regard Alia Hamza Milli further says that the applicant will now be able to lease any vehicle of his choice and he will have thousand There will be an option to lead the old car to the CC, and if you want to import a Japanese car, you can also import a Japanese car under the screen, just like the great ones of the old regimes. Not only Mehran Takhet will be limited, but you will have dozens of vehicle options in this scheme, old vehicles can also be equipped on the screen, which will be cheap and affordable for a normal citizen and its down payment will also be available. 

Meri Gari Scheme by Government How to Apply
Meri Gari Scheme by Government How to Apply

Easy Conditions 

Meri Gari Scheme by Government How to Apply It will be less and in the same way it will also be reduced and in what has been decided by the government so far, the interest rate on vehicles up to 850 percent in the scheme will be five percent, while the interest rate on vehicles up to 1000 cc. If it will be 6 percent, the government has set very easy conditions to apply in this entity so that more and more citizens can benefit from the screen and get their own vehicle. Also you must have a violet NIC car i.e. ID card and most importantly you must have a driving license and it is not necessary that you have a HTV license along with it. 

Government Fixed 

Meri Gari Scheme by Government How to Apply That this screenship will be for Punjab but for the whole of Pakistan. As for employment, you will not be required to be a government employee, that is, if you are not required to be certified or private is required, then you will still be able to apply because The purpose of introducing them by the government is to benefit the citizens. The government has also fixed the date to launch the screen with them. Aliya Hamza Malik has said that the government should launch the team in the month of October. And it has been finalized because a government official has also explained about it. The most important thing to benefit from the scheme is that you must have a jogging license. Without a license, you cannot apply. 


Is the Meri Gari Scheme still active?

There isn’t official confirmation on the current status of the Meri Gari Scheme. Some sources suggest it might have been replaced by a new car financing scheme by the government

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