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Mazdoor card :

A new scheme of Mazdoor cards has been started. how does it work, who are the workers in which category, and are there complete details regarding this? The labor is Pakistan crate caddy; the government gives them benefits, and how the labor increases are all the details, and the whole is also two purchases. There is a mine of any stone of salt, coal, or anything else, are the workers working on the mountains, are they working on the pressure, or are they working on it again and again? 

Different departments:

The workers are looked after by the materials department, the mineral department, and the goods department becomes the receiver of you very soon, they also tell a little about the facilities that are there, the most complete education for your children, traveling anywhere. Indeed they are Air driving is also done in all kinds of cuts, so if you go shopping inside any shopping mall, then you live on top of it. is wanting No education in any corner of the world is not completely controlled by the government as well as Whatever happens to child marriages, even if you have a record above London or within the river, still get government treatment. 

Benefits of Mazdoor card:

This is the labor of the Banazir department, now the other workers’ capabilities are ati, so the carbon valve shops are closed working in various companies in factories, working within banks, and various shopping malls in this category. He is looking at the network which is labor, labor welfare, so what is it in this department, it is my personal, get the factories, the department has become rich, there will be boxes on top of a shop if four super boys are going to work. How are you in the first category or livelihood if you are working within these companies means within Namkan or they are laborers or are working within a person other than a human being?

Finance Department office’s form:

You are working in No.’s mine, you are working in the car, you are working on stone crushers, and he is with the government, and you have been working for three months in the company in this country. The easiest thing to do is to go inside the office of the Department of Health After that, one will be given to you from within the Finance Department office On top of this form, your photographs, your ID card, and your response to the approval It is up to you to broadcast someone.

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He will also own the card So, whether this man will be chief to anyone, it is necessary to get his signature, it is better if he fills up the form and tells the information department to the department minus it, you have to submit it there and your and your owners must have registered and every Make yourself at home. This is a labor card. It is a labor card. It is given to you.

You don’t have to do anything about it. Within the departmental march, the management of parents is inside it, then fill out your form. You have to submit it, you don’t have to do anything in it, I said The worker who is with Mastian then let me tell you that it did not happen. 

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