Mazboot Jawan Program Qualification  | Mazboot Jawan Program Details News Update May 2024

Mazboot Jawan Program Qualification 

The Mazboot Jawan Program is a specialists activity that interests to allow financial offer assistance to more youthful human creatures in Pakistan who are looking to start their exceptionally possess businesses. The application manages advances of up to PKR 1 million (US$ 6,667) at a mark-up charge of 5% per annum. Mazboot jawan program qualification details:

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Mazboot Jawan Program Qualification Online Apply

Aspiring Youthful Business visionary? Mazboot Jawan Program Might Be Your Launchpad!

The Mazboot Jawan Program, a brainchild of the Pakistani government, points to engage more youthful minds like yours through providing financial assets to kickstart your commercial endeavor dreams. If you are between 18 and 35, a Pakistani citizen with a staying house in Punjab, and brimming with entrepreneurial soul, this computer program ought to be your key to opening tremendous potential.

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Prime Minister’s Kamyab Jawan Credit Program Tiers

PM Kamyab Jawan Program unfurls in 3 particular levels for the Ehsaas advance conspire, which is interest-free:

Tier 1: Open a advance of up to 5 lakh with zero intrigued (0%).

Tier 2: Explore through advances extending from 500,000 to 1,500,000 with a ostensible intrigued rate of 5%.

Tier 3: Looking for a credit between 1,500,000 and 7,50,000? The intrigued rate stands at 7%.

The Prime Minister’s Youth Advance Conspire 2024, a significant portion of this exertion, offers trade advances and money related help, advancing financial development and highlighting sexual orientation strengthening. Outstandingly, 25% of the credits are particularly saved for ladies. Moreover, the program contributes to community advancement by giving preparing programs, counting Specialized Preparing and Professional Instruction and Training.

For those looking at this opportunity, online applications by means of the State Bank of Pakistan open entryways to credits of up to 25 million rupees beneath the Prime Minister’s Youth Program. The overarching objective is to develop work openings and combat unemployment. These Kamyab Jawan program credit points of interest will be exceptionally supportive for you if you are considering to get a credit from the government.

Kamyab Jawan Program App for Work Empowerment

The Kamyab Jawan Program sets out to make work openings and reduce unemployment among Pakistan’s youth. If you use an IOS or Android gadget, a basic download of the PM Nojawan Program app from the Google Play Store or App Store is standing by you. The Ehsaas Naujawan Program, a social endeavor, expands credits to youthful people, engaging them to build up businesses and secure important work.

Eligibility Check

Before plunging into the utility prepare, make beyond any doubt you tick all the qualification boxes:

  • Age: Between 18 and 35 a long time old
  • Citizenship: Pleased citizen of Pakistan
  • Domicile: Hailing from Punjab province
  • Business Arrange: A well-crafted plan laying out your venture dreams and strategies
  • Collateral: Capacity to supply assurance for the loan

Mazboot Jawan Program Required Reports

Gather the basic records already to make certain a simple computer program process CNIC Computerized National Character CardYour bona fide distinguishing proof proof Domicile Certificate Confirming your eternal residency in Punjab Business Arrange Your guide to victory,exhibiting your creative and prescient and strategies


Mazboot Jawan Program The Mazboot Jawan Program is a stepping stone in the course of your entrepreneurial travel. By cautiously considering almost the qualification criteria, getting prepared required records, and giving a compelling endeavor arrange, you can intensify your probabilities of securing this cherished financial help. So, take the to begin with step these days and flip your goals into a thriving reality!

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Mazboot jawan Program Details

Provide a brief diagram of the program’s key aspects.

Career Prospects Talk about feasible calling ways and business opportunities.


  • You have to be a citizen of Pakistan.


  • You should to be between the ages of 18 and 35 a long time old.


  • You have to have a negligible scholastic capability of Registration (SSC) or equivalent.

Physical Fitness

  • You require to be real in shape and restoratively sound.

Employment Status:

  • You should to be by and by unemployed and effectively in look of work.

Income Status

Your family’s yearly profit should to drop underneath a positive edge (particular guidelines might moreover vary depending on province/region).

Mazboot Jawan Program Determination Process

Eligible candidates will bear a choice method that might moreover envelop a composed test, real wellbeing test, and trade-specific test.

Shortlisted candidates will be met by utilizing a determination committee.

Visit the trustworthy Mazboot Jawan web location or contact pertinent specialists to procure a total posting of reachable bundles and trades.

For each program/trade, gather certain information

Eligibility guidelines (past the ordinary ones)

precise guidelines capabilities, travel necessities, tool/equipment needs, etc.

Selection framework specifics: take a see at sorts, meet subtle elements, etc.

Program length, educational programs, and coaching provided.

Employment conceivable outcomes and doable calling ways related to the exchange.

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