Good News Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme apply onlineĀ 

Maryam Nawaz Solar Panel Scheme apply online 

People have been asked a lot of questions regarding the program, so how can you get the solar program? Within this scheme, you can apply online from your home. You must go to the bank and do this.


The schemes are one of the government and one of the bank schemes, so which of the two schemes is running at the moment, you can participate, it is very good, it is better for you. You use it so much, you don’t get electricity, and Taxes are very high and there is a lot of support on top of what is public. You will get fewer benefits from it so people are moving on top of solar panels on petrol pumps, hospitals, and houses. In my village, many houses are almost built on top of solar panels.

If your house doesn’t have AC, then you must switch to solar for electricity and lights. So your life, which will be your budget, at least will change the ratio of the children’s education world. Where we don’t have time and what electricity we have generators that generate it with diesel, we generate it with oil and we buy it from private companies. You can participate and you can become the owner of solar in your own home so that you too get rid of your electricity bills.

Launched an App

The government of Pakistan has launched an app called ITP Pakistan I Internet T for tab i.e. t-tech done or table then it is still fine this board is done Punjab Information Technology Board it is called ok this web The site has to be opened. I will tell you the details of this website.

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Loan for Solar Panel

Now all the details will be in this post. The first thing is that the government has two schemes. One scheme is for loans in Punjab. You can go to the bank and take a loan for solar panels, the loan you will have to pay in installments, then how is the government giving you loans for motorcycles? There is also a scheme for panels, in which you are given a loan to buy a solar panel, then you have to take a loan, which is another scheme, if you do not want to take a loan with interest, then other schemes Maryam Nawaz.

What is the procedure for how you can participate in this scheme?

 How can you participate in it?

You can sit at home or you will have to go to the bank. Which bank is Punjab Bank?


So Punjab Bank will be the same, so now this Scheme has been launched by the government. This is the solar scheme which has been presented by the Punjab Government Maryam Nawaz this scheme has not been launched yet. It doesn’t happen, you can’t apply it anywhere, neither on the website nor inside the banks. It’s a matter of emphasis. Still, all the fake things are false. So far, the solar panels of the Punjab government, which Maryam Nawaz has to give to the people, in which it was said that solar panels will be given to those who use less than 100 units, batteries will be given along with inverters, the scheme is still in the papers. Its schedule is still in. There is no such schedule so that you can apply for it.

Maryam Nawaz’s solar panel scheme:

In other words, all news is fake. If they are, they can go to Punjab and apply, but Maryam Nawaz’s solar panel scheme, in which solar panels will be given to 50,000 houses for 100 units, has not yet been completed for this orphan. Therefore, until this belief is fully explained, what will happen will be a lie. There is no schedule and no website or online application. You can go to the bank and apply. Now understand this scheme. The loan scheme has run. You can take loans for scooters. You can take loans for houses. You can take solar loans. You can take that scheme separately.

This scheme is separate. It is an interest-bearing loan that Maryam Nawaz is giving. There is no schedule for it. There is no schedule, as soon as it starts, so that you can know that Solar Panel, which is Maryam’s scheme, is from now. Now it is up to the papers, it is only up to the media, there is no schedule for it.

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