Maryam Nawaz 12000 new program Update 2024

Maryam Nawaz 12000 new program Update

These two types of families are being taken out of the Benazir Income Support Program, their money is being stopped completely, and two more types of families. will be made a part of this program who will be able to receive the assistance received by the government as regular beneficiaries in their place. We will also talk about the two types of families that are eligible for this program because the new policy of the Benazir Income Support Program is out and everything is going to be done accordingly. In the same way, new programs have also been released by Maryam Nawaz Sahiba, among which the notable programs are Hamat Card, Guardian Card and special relief programs. Regarding the stipends, some people’s children’s stipends have not been released yet, so the great news regarding them.

Who Are Disqualified 

Those who are being disqualified from the Income Support Program are the first ones who have not completed their dynamic survey even after receiving the due date, then these people should be disqualified from this program for a month. Because the date they had has passed and their data has not been updated yet, their new survey and new information has not been revealed, so they will be removed from this program and given the opportunity to register for another two years. The other type of people who were asked to do dynamic survey and they have done their dynamic survey and their PMT score after dynamic survey has gone above 32 will also not be given in the same month. There are two types of NA families that are being excluded from the program: firstly, those who are government employees; previously, government employees were not even registered in the program. was going but now the registration has been opened for them, they are being made a part of this program, so only those government employees whose monthly salary is less than 60 thousand rupees will be able to apply for it. 

Who try To Registered In BISP 

People who are tired of registering for this program for a long time and are still stuck in verification or are repeatedly disqualified and are in fact eligible for this program should also undergo this dynamic survey. Before June 30, the first part of this program is being made eligible and they will be benefited by quarterly installments of 10 thousand 500 rupees. It is also going to start very soon from the second week of May under the Benazir Income Support Program, the installments of the sponsorship program and education scholarship program will be released. If it is removed, then it will also be released together with these parts, inshallah, because you will be able to receive it from your nearest Marrakesh. If there are any updates, we will share them with you very soon through our same channel, so there is no latest news about the ATM yet. Some new programs have been launched in which the Nigehbaan card program has been released, but final decisions are yet to be made regarding how the Nigehbaan card should be operated and for which class of people. The program should be opened as well as the issue of Hamat card for special people through BaitulMal is also going to be done from next month.

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