Big News| Maryam Ki Dastak Project: Bringing Government Services to Your Doorstep


Maryam Ki Dastak Project

The Punjab government, led by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz, has launched the “Maryam Ki Dastak” project to bring government services directly to citizens’ doorsteps. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility, reduce corruption, and leverage technology to streamline public services.

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Expansion and Digitization

The “Maryam Ki Dastak” project will expand across all Punjab districts. Initially offering 10 services, the project will increase its offerings to 65 by August 2024. Maryam Nawaz emphasized the importance of digitization and the effective use of Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence to facilitate the public.

Role of Dastak Representatives

Under this project, hundreds of thousands of young individuals will serve as facilitators, helping citizens access various services. These volunteers, known as Dastak Representatives, will gain employment through the program. The basic criteria for becoming a Dastak Representative include:

  • Minimum education of intermediate.
  • Possession of a mobile phone with internet.
  • Clearance certificate from the concerned police station.
  • Personal motorbike and driving license.
  • Completion of training after meeting the criteria.

Services Offered

The “Maryam Ki Dastak” mobile application will provide a wide range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Domicile certificates
  • E-stamping
  • Birth, death, and marriage certificates
  • Property tax
  • Token tax
  • Motor vehicle transfer
  • Registration of new vehicles

Accessibility and Convenience

Citizens can access these services through various channels:

  • Appointment with a Dastak Representative
  • Web portal
  • Mobile application
  • Call center (1202)

This multi-channel approach ensures that citizens can choose the most convenient method to access the services they need.

Implementation and Training

The project will be rolled out in phases, starting with Lahore, where the number of services will increase to 40 initially and then to 65 by August 2024. Chairman PITB briefed the Chief Minister on the extension plan, highlighting that the services will be available in every division from August 14. The involved departments include Police, Revenue, Municipalities, Excise, TMA, Development Authorities, and others.

Impact on Corruption and Efficiency

Maryam Nawaz emphasized that the project aims to eradicate corruption from government offices by making services more accessible and transparent. The digitization and direct delivery of services will reduce the need for intermediaries and minimize opportunities for corrupt practices.

Job Creation and Youth Involvement

The project will create job opportunities for young people, who will serve as Dastak Representatives. This involvement not only helps in service delivery but also empowers the youth by providing them with meaningful employment.

Additional Announcements

In her message on the International Day for Women in Diplomacy, Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz highlighted the crucial role of women in diplomacy. She recognized the extraordinary contributions of women diplomats globally and underscored their importance in promoting peace through empathy and tenacity.


The “Maryam Ki Dastak” project represents a significant step towards modernizing public service delivery in Punjab. By leveraging technology and empowering youth, the initiative aims to make government services more accessible, reduce corruption, and enhance efficiency. As the project expands, it promises to transform the way citizens interact with government services, fostering a more transparent and efficient public sector.

Quick Details

Feature Details
Launch Date August 14, 2024
Total Services Offered 65
Initial Services 10
Target Districts All districts in Punjab
Eligibility for Representatives Intermediate education, mobile phone with internet, police clearance
Application Channels Appointment, web portal, mobile app, call center (1202)
Departments Involved Police, Revenue, Municipalities, Excise, TMA, Development Authorities
Key Services Domicile, e-stamping, certificates, tax services, vehicle registration

How to Apply

  • Obtain Application Form: Available on the official Punjab Agriculture Department website or local offices.
  • Submit Completed Form: Include National Identity Card (NIC), proof of land ownership, recent photographs, and a certificate from the local agricultural officer.
  • Contact for Information: 0800-17000 for registration details and assistance.

The “Maryam Ki Dastak” project is set to revolutionize public service delivery in Punjab, ensuring that citizens receive essential services efficiently and transparently.



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