Good News Maryam Free Motorcycle Registration online 2024

Big News Maryam Free Motorcycle Registration online

The free motorcycle program has started and their online registration has also started.The full details of the method, but here you can see that the register nose button is there in front of you, I will also tell you the registration from the same portal and I will tell you everything about the eligibility criteria.

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Motorcycle Scheme Updates Relief and Registration Process

This article provides insights into the latest updates on the motorcycle registration scheme, emphasizing relief efforts for individuals, particularly those enrolled in social welfare programs like the Benazir Income Support Program. Key highlights include the distribution of free flour and ration, increased subsidies, and the expansion of eligibility criteria.

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How To Apply Motorcycle Scheme

First you reach the website and do you have to search in google? 

I will click on the button and the option of registration is the online form.

  • It will be sent to 11776 will be given to men 
  • 7324 will be given to women.

This is the first phase, it is not the last, it will start after that and those who remain will also be able to get it, and let me tell you which cities are eligible. 

City Eligibility 

I will tell you what is in it, you can apply, Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur and Rawalpindi, Lahore are included in it, Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan are included in it and here you can see that it is The subsidy of about one billion is being given to you people and in it you can buy a motorcycle that runs on electricity and that runs on petrol and many people also question this. How much CC is this, you will see for yourself when you get this bike and you can also see the criteria here. 

Big News Maryam Free Motorcycle Registration online

Men Eligibility 

  • They say that we will give this to more than 80 thousand people 
  • You should be at least 18 years of age
  • After that you should be an eligible student of college or university 
  • Daily recognition and all these things. 
  • Must have a valid motorcycle learning permit and before taking this bike, you have to get a learning motorcycle permit which is mandatory. 
  • Go to the service center and tell them that we have a driving license which is learning. Make a permit for it, they will make it for you.

Ok, after that, there should be a receipt for the application. After that, tell the people that you can apply. 

Online Apply Method 

  • Now let’s click on the register now button, you can also see on the portal, there is a register nose button, we clicked here, as soon as we click here, what’s up from us. 
  • ID card etc and it will ask all these things we have to tell them all these things after I do it then I take you forward as soon as the internet opens see it here see above here 
  • This helpline number, this email, everything and Chief Minister Youth Program are also written and after that, you have to write your full name here while registering. You have to write the applicant’s e-mail address
  • Then write the address of the same Gmail address here. 
  • After that, you have to write the number of the ID, after that, 
  • You have to write here what is your gender on the ID card, meaning whether you are male or female or transgender, you have to write here 
  • what is after? Here you have to give the password below, after that you have to give the confirm password. 
  • Anyone who wakes up will give you a password of 10 swans. Write it down somewhere so that you don’t forget it. 
  • After that, click on the register button here. If you want to give it, I will do all these things and then show you myself. 

Password written method

Next, when you write all these things, the full name that is on the ID card is fine. After that, the email address is Gmail, and then the ID card number. And after that, the gender is here, if the eunuch is a man, then the eunuch will write here, the eunuch will write the eunuch, if the male is applying, then the male is applying, then the female is applying. For what is an English word, write a capital letter, then what is followed by a dash mark, and what is followed by a two, three, or any Hindi word, and remember that all these passwords match each other. 

Learner license 

After that one more thing is important for you if you don’t have learner permit license then you won’t be able to apply so you can also apply online for learner license or you can apply online. Go to the service center and buy from there

You can make this permit, I will also tell you his phone number 04267 you can call him and I will also tell you his website etc., so you can see it. I can’t apply in the next form because my driver’s license is not a valid learning one, so if it was mine then I can apply in what I have. First of all, you have to go to the service center and get this driving license, and I will tell you the last date, and after that, I will tell you the rest of the details. The license that is permanent is something else. They are telling you about the permit that you should get the learning license that is temporary, then the one that is there, then it is renewed, etc. After that, it becomes your permanent license. It means that there is a temporary license. Now I will tell you more details. 

Last date to apply

Here you can see that the Eid gift is being given to you and the name of this program is that riding autonomy is fine and after that what Yes, this is a subsidy package of one billion rupees and students can apply online on this website and the last date for submitting the application is 29th April, 24th Monday night. You can apply till 12 o’clock, after that, whoever you apply for will be rejected and you will not be eligible. 


  • First of all, you need to fill the learning license permit from the service center or
  • You can download the online application for a traveling license from play store and apply for this program only for men of Punjab. 

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