Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024
Kisan Card Registration Start Kisan Card Registration Start

Kisan Card Registration Start

Send ID card to 80 70 and get eligible yes the program has been started its registration has also started and that too You can apply sitting at home, you have to send a message to 80 70, but how to send, don’t just write your ID card and send it, but also follow the complete procedure with it. If you send a blank ID card, then your application will not be accepted. If you are not eligible for this program, what is the full procedure, and which program is this, how will you get help, we are going to tell you everything. Yes, you don’t need to worry at all, the complete procedure will also be told and all the information will also be told to you. Also, what can the people who have reached the Benazir Kafalat program do now? 

Kisan Card Survey Update 

They will tell you that whether they will be met or not and after making an appeal they can be yes or not and those who are not doing the dynamic survey will also be disqualified and when will they be disqualified? will be disqualified till we will talk about this also we will update you about the new episodes of Benazir Kafalat program moving towards the details.The viewer first talks about the Prime Minister’s Income Support Program. You will see what is going on at this time. This phase was started. The first phase is going on towards its end and the second phase is going to start very soon. Including those who have been recently disqualified within the last 15 days, they will get this installment and those who were disqualified about one and a half or two months ago will not get this case. 

Kisan Card Eligibility 

After that, they will not get any assistance for two years. After the new loan, you can appeal only once. Also, go to the nearest VISP office and tell them that a large number of people who were under examination for the last seven or eight months are being informed about their eligibility. People who have been disqualified are also being declared disqualified on the skatar web portal, similarly those who are not doing dynamic surveys will be disqualified after June 30 and to avoid this problem they must complete their dynamic survey. By the way, there is various news regarding the extension of the dynamic survey deadline. In case of confirmation very soon, we will definitely tell you. Now let’s go to the main update. Line registration has been started and it is not registering for Free Atta but registering for Kisan Card. The procedure is also slightly different because the Punjab Government has introduced the Kisan Card for small farmers. 

Registration Start Date

The registration has been started in which the zamindars cultivating less than 100 kanals will be eligible to apply Kisan card by sending a message to 80 70 from your mobile number i.e. SIM registered in your name. Go to the write message option and type in capital letters, ACC space, your ID card number without fear, you will send this message to 8070 i.e. 80 70 using your personal SIM. If there is a record of land and you are cultivating an area less than 1 Kanal, then you will be LB and all the facilities provided by this program will also be provided to you. In the video, we will tell you what kind of benefit you will get from Kisan card, how much assistance you will get, how much you will get, where to get it, so to know this complete information, wait for the next video and watch the next video. Subscribe to YouTube channel Scalemander now

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