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Khwaja Sara programKhwaja Sara program

Khwaja Sara program

Khawaja Siraj cannot say as a lawyer, his name is our Shazia Marri Sahiba, instead of adding Khawaja Sira, why should he add because he has many people who are Khawaja Sahib?

I am telling you the things that will be necessary for them to be admitted in the Benazir Kim Support Program of Famsaz Kafalah, I am telling you that it is okay and they will be hello or not, I will also tell you.

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How to apply khwaja Sara for BISP

First of all, if you have a eunuch, if there is one around you, check the ID card of his eunuch first. Is the card made or not, if not made, then they are sent to Nader quickly. Make the eunuch’s ID card. As soon as the eunuch is made, I have started telling the second step. If his identity card is made, then it is a program for him.

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How to registered 

I will send it to Afif so that they can be registered. Ok, as soon as they take their ID card, if you have an ID card, they will be registered. His ID card was also a eunuch. Well, the conditions for him have been removed that he should not steal anyone’s heart. There are also no caravans, because those who are eunuchs must be declared eligible in any case, so they should do that as soon as they become eunuchs, like my passport, all this will be given, then they will be eligible in any case. He is not incompetent, I have started to tell you things clearly. What kind of identity card do we need to make for eunuchs?

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How they join BISP 

It will be made of eunuchs. They will be added to the support program. Okay, I am going to tell you about the culture of eunuchs, which is against you. Even if you go somewhere, you will be added to the Pakistan program. This is a rewarding work. You have to convey this message to them with the intention of rewarding. I request you to go to your Facebook page and register your ad. Give your mobile number so that you can be known. After that, whatever happens to you now, you should go quickly and quickly, and I have told you these things clearly and you have to help. OK and with the intention of reward for up-up language, what is their leadership, what is their leadership, what is their support, tell them to be ed, earn their identity card, okay, so that they can participate in the Basic Support Program.

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