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Khidmat Card Wazifa Online Check:

Under the Benazir Income Support Program service, the girls who study in government schools up to the sixth grade, pay them about a thousand rupees as a stipend. Some are studying in school and have not yet received a single installment of the scholarship, so what is the reason for this? Some girls have not yet registered themselves or the photocopies of ID Card of their parents. They have not been submitted to the headmaster because the list goes from the school to the government itself after about two or three years. 

Requirements for khidmat card:

The photocopy of the ID Card of their parents is to be submitted to the head office of the school, which the teacher takes and sends to the list of stipends that there are so many girls in our school and in which class they are studying. If added, then there is a new list to whom the teacher writes down the serial number to send or the person in whose name the account is to be made to the franchise there and create his account after that. If you receive your payment, the new payment in this regard is the new account, they have almost started to be created, so they can also create an account, but those whose first payment is the value of the card, school scholarship, educational resource program, etc.

Schedule of the payment:

So their payment will be mandatory at the end of this month because the previous payment was about 3000 rupees, so the 3000 payment is not from the total people or the girls’ children. The payment which is 3000 was their accord match which they got payment as biometric but now the schedule of the payment has changed a little because the payment that was received earlier was from Connect by the HBL agent. I had a pass but now the payment is being received through Bank Alfalah and in addition UBL which is UBL Omni is being received on it, so the procedure is the same as before. You can also withdraw from your ATM card if your ATM card is working or its expiry date has not expired. If the PIN is working or the card is active, then you will get payment from it. Old ATM cards are their payment which comes out as biometrics. 

Further requirements:

For this, you need to take the SIM of the person on which the account is opened and the identity card from which you have gone to UBL Omni or Alfalah Bank and put your stamp. It is a little difficult to receive the payment. It is a little difficult to check the payment with a blank ID card. Now it is not the case. Now you have to go to the shop to check your balance. The name of the account is the same procedure as the way we withdraw the money, the balance check will be the same, so it’s a little difficult, so it seems that even if it has a zero first, the customer thinks.

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Maybe our money has gone or nothing like that, but it is not such a thing that if the balance is behind, then you will be charged. Install the biometric meter and the balance will be checked. It will be given that your payment has not yet been received, so the payment of the servant, regarding this time, which inshallah this time payment will be about 15 thousand rupees and this payment is in your account as before. If it goes to the border, the seed will be given, then the payment of the brother means the payment of the elder.

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