Khidmat card result check online  by CNIC/ How to check the balance

Khidmat card result check online  by CNIC

When you make a PTM call, you receive the money and want to check the balance. If you have to call the helpline, please note that the helpline number is Zero Four to Paper 132 S7, but the helpline number, when it comes to installation, there are many buttons on it, due to which it is very fast. Even if you do, your balance may be lost, so sometimes it may take half an hour, from which you are recognized for about two or three minutes, which can be used for 150, so if you help. The call is not packed on the line. If there is a problem, then if you have a video machine when your account was opened, from which you must make money, and its floor is fine, then you have a video machine. If your ATM is expired or out of order, there is another easy way to check your balance.

Eligibility criteria:

Many people will know about it because the program was running earlier but I was stopped for some time and now this service card is going to start again. What is the procedure to join this program which was started in 2015? Not enough people got crazy from this program. Eligibility criteria to come forward in this message is that those who are widows can join and those who are disabled can join in this program. To get an ATM card you have to withdraw that money from the agent and also after joining the prime minister’s loan scheme disabled people are given priority so that They can get a lawn and start their own business. He can open a shop so that he can live a good life.

Texas Gas page:

There is no limit. You are of any age. You can apply. You can join this program, especially those who are working people, and those with disabilities can join the program every three months after joining the program. 6 rupees is given which continues continuously after every three months people get six thousand rupees and then they can support themselves. The ATM guard station of the service will be provided to avoid fraud because there will be some mistakes. It happens that the money you have is on Saab and there they will cut you a lot.

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Zewar e Taleem Program

 If you have money, you can’t do it. How long does it take you to know that cutting is done on the Texal Gas page by the shippers? I have told you the helpline numbers. If you can contact them, you can plan, so you can also do that in it. It tells them the address of those people. You put your code in the insurance and then your clear money comes out. In addition, if there are disabled people, they are also given chairs, etc. There are chances to start the program. In this, you should start talking in the morning.

Terms and conditions:

Apart from that, your income should be less. Should not be a government employee, should have fixed jobs, should not apply for government, should apply first, if disabled, should apply first and children should have two forms, etc. There is a website from there you can apply for it from there inline. You have to apply for your documents, etc., you have to fill in the information there, then your service starts, it is sent to the address you have given if you do not. If found, you can go to your Thrubank and contact them, then it is not yours, there is a website, from there you can apply in it, from there you have to apply in the line-up, you have to fill your documents, etc. If so, then the service you start will be sent to the address given by you, if you do not receive it, then you can go to your Thru Bank and contact them. If there are, then it is not yours.


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