Good News khidmat card balance check online 2024

Khidmat card balance check online 2024

Regarding the payment from the khidmat card, how will you be able to check Al Weather Rajasthan and how will you know the balance of your account, which is money by serving and Muhammad Hum Kadam program of all the things that are money, this is happening again with BL Omni and tanks in every way. Alpha Pay which is their branch race banking like UBL’s Omni and Bankal Plant’s will be available in the same way as it used to be connected earlier, now this system has changed the bank, and its procedure has also changed but the process of checking your payment has become a little bit more difficult that you can check the payment ID cards that you have given earlier. When he used to go, he used to check the payment and give it to you. After that, the up payment was done. 

Use of OTP:

Those whose name is on the account, want to receive their bi-meter in the pen. To do this, you will have to pay for it. You can give UTB the same way as this interface, and OTP will go. It is also necessary to bring the SIM along. The ego is also mandatory, apart from which, the travel OTP will be sent, then the payment will be written to you, then the biometric will be applied, and after that we will write the payment in the system. If it doesn’t happen, it will go to an account that it’s Afford Unvalidated, it doesn’t have a balance, so this procedure is difficult because it causes trouble to the abusers and therefore the agents don’t worry either. 

It is a problem because many people can say that the sim that we installed may have gone out of money, so the people on both sides are worried about making them a system like before. Running it should show their payment when they enter their ID card or mobile number to show their payment to let them know that they can get payment. 

Role of the Government of Punjab:

So, in this regard, we will send an email to the bank who will tell the government of Punjab that this system can be fixed a little in this regard so that people do not have to worry and do not have to face the agent. In this regard, the payment of many people who have received Ehsaas Punjab card or school stipend from 3 thousand to more than 15 thousand rupees, 12 thousand or even 6 thousand, and which is in the Hikmat Szoor program. The payment has not yet been received. It will be paid almost at the beginning of the next month, and the disabled persons of the Kadam program have also received payment. If you have ADM, are working, or are active, then you can take machine money from the ATM, otherwise you will have to go to the person who has the money or Alfa B, who is his agent. 

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You can get your payment by passing the original ID card sim on which the account is and you must have it. Besides, if there is an easy method or a helpline number, then upload it. Sometimes the system also calls them. If they do, they tell us that our system is not showing, then they tell us about this kind of problem. Most of the time, that problem will be quite early.

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