Mon. May 27th, 2024
Kafalat Program Payment UpdateKafalat Program Payment Update

Kafalat Program Payment Update

The government has started two huge relief programs for the public, one of which is the Nigehbaan program under which the Nigehbaan cards were provided to the people. 12,000 rupees will be released to deserving and eligible families under these guardian cars every three months, which is a completely separate program from Benazir Kafal and Education Wazifa program, but also Benazir Income Support Program, under which people are going to get this 12 12 thousand rupees and the second place is the solar system assistance program which is a huge assistance program under which a deserving and eligible family will be provided with a complete solar system and it is completely free of charge. is going to get a complete system, including two solar plates of 5500 watts, along with inverter battery and complete wiring equipment, the government is going to provide the people with this program. Because the government has made a big announcement regarding the registration of this program and we will share the complete details of this program with you and along with this we will also refer you to the Nigehbaan card program. also provide complete details under which you will get 12 12 thousand rupees and yes viewers as well as those who are eligible in Benazir Income Support Program and those people who are eligible for the new installment of Benazir Kafalat Program. Waiting because many people have received first installment of Rs 10500 and as usual are waiting for the next installment of Benazir Kafalat program an you will get 800, you will get 10 thousand or 10 thousand and 500 rupees. In this regard,

Kafalat Program Update 

First place let us tell you that the government’s relief activities for the deserving people are still going on because now New assistance programs have been started by the government, one is Nigehbaan program and the other is solar system program, so first of all let us update you regarding the Nigehbaan program, the mechanism of this program has been developed in this way That the deserving people who are registered in this program will be provided with Nigheban cards and under this Nigheban card all those families will be able to get assistance of Rs.12 thousand every three months and of course now you all want to know whether This is a program associated with Benazir Income Support Program, just like Benazir Affiliation, Benazir Education Scholarships or Benazir Development Program, so let us all be clear that there is no such thing as Benazir Income. A support program different from the support program has been launched by the government, which has nothing to do with BISP, in which those who will register get a subsidy of Rs 10500.


People are eligible, they will get sponsorship money separately and under this program 12 thousand rupees will be released separately and now let us tell you for which people this aid program has been released, so far the government has only It has been announced that certain class of people will be included in this program, it can be the labor class, the disabled class can also be or the very poor class can also be included in this program. will be done and the complete details of this program will be released by the government within the next week or two and the registration portal will also be provided to the people and people will be able to register in this program online. If you want to know the complete details regarding the registration of this program, we will send you the first updates as soon as the government releases them. 

Solar system program Update 

Let us update you regarding the second major aid program that the government has announced to provide a free solar system to 50 thousand households, but a pilot phase of this program has been started i.e. the experimental phase. has been started in which the government will check how we can register the people and how we can deliver this free solar system to the people, so first let us tell you that it is for 50 thousand households. If the aid program has been started, then of course every other family will not be included in this program, so of course the government has set a filter for this as well, which was initially told to the public that every family whose If the household’s electricity bill is less than 100 units, then they will be provided with this solar system and there will be separate criteria for the areas where there is no electricity, under which the people will be registered and eligible. If done, under this solar system program the eligible families will be provided with two solar panels along with inverter battery and wiring cables and complete equipment free of cost.will be done i.e. a complete solar system setup for a household will be provided free of cost. 

Pilot Phase Start 

The pilot phase has started from today, in which the government will conduct some experiments to determine the proper procedure for running this program, then this procedure will be completely restored for the people, so the registration of this program will be done in June. The procedure will be clarified, then we will update you, then now we will update you regarding the Benazir Income Support Program. This is also a great news for the people that first of all, you guys have received an installment of 10,500 rupees in the past days or you are going to receive it, then this installment is the first installment of 2024 i.e. South February and You have either received the installment for the month of March or it is still in your account, but now the second installment is going to be 10500 rupees. Sometimes you people used to get 9000 and sometimes 8500, so now the great news for all of you is that since Noor League came to power, they have completely restored the case of 10500 rupees to the people, which is After every three months, you people will get an installment of 10500 rupees, so first of all, let us tell you that the next installment is the installment of April, May and June. They say that, God willing, in the middle of the month of May, an installment of 10,500 rupees will be transferred to you and God willing, very soon we will inform you about this new installment with a new update.

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