Breaking News : Kafalat Program Expansion 700,000 More Beneficiaries to Receive 12,500 Payments 2024

Introduction of Kafalat Program

The Kafalat program is a flagship social safety net initiative aimed at providing financial assistance to the most vulnerable segments of society. Managed by the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), Kafalat disburses regular payments to eligible beneficiaries, helping them meet their basic needs. The latest announcement marks a major milestone in the program’s history, with an additional 700,000 individuals set to receive financial aid.

Kafalat Program

Initiative of Kafalat Program

The Kafalat program, a key initiative under Pakistan’s Ehsaas framework, is set to expand its reach to include an additional 700,000 beneficiaries. This significant increase will provide more families with financial support, enhancing their ability to manage daily expenses and improve their quality of life. The new registrations for this phase have commenced, opening doors for many deserving individuals to benefit from the program.

Kafalat Program

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Key Details of the Kafalat Expansion

Increased Coverage

The inclusion of 700,000 new beneficiaries is a testament to the government’s commitment to social welfare. This expansion means that more families living below the poverty line will have access to much-needed financial support. The program provides a monthly stipend of PKR 12,500 to each registered beneficiary, which can significantly alleviate financial burdens.

Commencement of New Registrations

New registrations for the expanded Kafalat program have officially started. The process is designed to be straightforward and accessible, ensuring that those who are in genuine need can easily apply and receive assistance. Registration centers have been set up across the country to facilitate this process, and mobile registration units are also in place to reach remote and underserved areas.

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Impact on Beneficiaries

The financial assistance provided through the Kafalat program is vital for many families. It helps them afford basic necessities such as food, clothing, and healthcare. By expanding the program, the government aims to uplift more families, reduce poverty, and promote economic stability at the grassroots level.

Kafalat Program

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Kafalat program?

The Kafalat program is a financial assistance initiative under the Ehsaas framework, managed by the Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). It aims to provide monthly financial support to low-income families to help them meet their basic needs.

How much financial assistance is provided through the Kafalat program?

Each registered beneficiary receives a monthly stipend of PKR 12,500.

Who is eligible for the Kafalat program?

Eligibility for the Kafalat program is determined based on a socio-economic survey. The primary criteria include:

  • Families living below the poverty line
  • Households with women as heads or primary earners
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Other vulnerable segments identified through the survey

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How can I register for the Kafalat program?

New registrations can be completed at designated registration centers across the country. Mobile registration units are also available to reach remote areas. To register, individuals need to provide:

  • A valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card)
  • Proof of income or lack thereof
  • Any other documents as required by the registration authorities
What documents are required for registration?

The primary documents required for registration include:

  • A valid CNIC
  • Proof of income or other relevant documents as per the registration guidelines
Is there a deadline for the new registration phase?

While the exact deadline may vary, it is advisable to register as soon as possible to ensure timely processing of applications and receipt of benefits.

How will beneficiaries receive the payments?

Payments are disbursed through multiple channels to ensure ease of access, including:

  • Bank transfers to designated accounts
  • Mobile banking services
  • Payment points set up at various locations for direct cash disbursement
How can I check my eligibility status?

Eligibility status can be checked through the official BISP or Ehsaas program helplines, websites, or by visiting the nearest registration center.

What if my application is rejected?

If your application is rejected, you have the right to appeal the decision. Details on the appeals process can be obtained from the registration centers or the official program websites.

Are there any costs associated with registration?

No, the registration process for the Kafalat program is free of charge. Beneficiaries should be wary of any individuals or entities demanding payment for registration.

How does the government ensure transparency in the Kafalat program?

The Kafalat program employs a rigorous verification process to ensure that only eligible individuals receive assistance. This includes cross-checking applicant information with national databases and conducting periodic audits.

Can I register online?

Currently, registrations are primarily conducted through physical centers and mobile units. However, for the latest updates on online registration availability, beneficiaries should check the official Ehsaas and BISP websites.

What measures are in place to prevent fraud?

The government has implemented several measures to prevent fraud, including:

  • Biometric verification
  • Regular audits and monitoring
  • Public awareness campaigns to educate beneficiaries about their rights and the correct registration process
What additional support does the Kafalat program offer?

In addition to financial assistance, the Kafalat program often connects beneficiaries with other Ehsaas initiatives, such as vocational training and educational scholarships, to promote long-term economic stability.


The expansion of the Kafalat program to include 700,000 more beneficiaries underscores the government’s commitment to social welfare and poverty alleviation. By providing regular financial assistance, the program aims to uplift the most vulnerable segments of society, ensuring that they have the resources needed to lead a dignified life. As new registrations begin, eligible individuals are encouraged to apply and take advantage of this vital support system.

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