Good News Ineligible People Received 10500 Payment 2024

Ineligible People Received 10500 Payment

Those who have not received the installment yet have not received 10500 rupees. Who will get money from tomorrow, there are a lot of people who will not get money from tomorrow and their money has been stopped completely, they have been disqualified, so many people have not been paid. If you are facing a lot of problems in getting scholarships, then great news about them will be told in this video. A new update is being brought on the 8171 web portal and after this update you can go to the office. There will be no need, you will be able to check everything at home and solve many of your problems by yourself, so let’s move on to the details of all the most important information. 

2nd phase Start From 5th June

You all  know that it was decided to release the episode in two stages, but now another news is circulating on social media that this episode is not only in two stages but in four stages. will be paid but let us tell you that till now there is no confirmation news regarding the four stages so don’t listen to such various fake news because as per the latest information so far it is It is being told that the first phase is ongoing and the second phase is going to start from June 5th, God willing, and the second phase will be the last phase after which the device was also installed. In the same phase, you will be able to receive your installments. In the second phase, the payments will be sent to the accounts of all the people. After that, no other penalty will be given. Likewise, there are many people who have not been disqualified but there are no payments in their accounts yet, so let’s tell them that, God willing, the payments that have been stopped in their accounts will start tomorrow. If it is happening, please first confirm that you have not been disqualified.

Whose payment Stop

After that, Inshallah, go to your nearest campsite within the next two days and get your account checked because before that, the money will be deposited in all the accounts of all the beneficiaries of the first phase.Those whose payments have been stopped are also being released, God willing. Remember that payments are also being told to you on the 81 web portal and, God willing, you will see a new interface on the 8171 web portal until the next installments. It will also tell you category wise payments, various problems and their solutions on behalf of your accounts and how many times payments have been withdrawn from your account or how much payment was last withdrawn. You will also be able to check 81 on the portal, then we have received this news from various sources, which we are conveying to you, and in the near future, we will also convey to you any confirmation news. Let us also inform those who have been disqualified after conducting the dynamic survey this time. 

Whose PMT Score Increase 

Whose PMT score has increased, can go to their nearest BISP office for roster update or file their appeal. The discussion could end their problem, meaning they could be re-eligible, in the same way that a lot of people had problems with child benefits because a lot of people’s accounts have a caseload of the sponsorship program. But if the children’s money has not yet been received, the good news for them is that the children’s money will also start being credited to your accounts from tomorrow, inshallah. His new episode is going to start, so viewers, this is the latest updates, for more new updates.

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