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How To Registered In BISPHow To Registered In BISP

How To Registered In BISP

You have been registered online for the New program and updated about it. I am going to inform all such families and families who have not yet been able to join the government’s big program, what will they get by applying for this program? Let me tell you briefly and go ahead and let you know how to register online and which families will be eligible in this program and how many installments you will get from this program and how many cases in one installment. How much money will be and in addition let us tell you that if you want to get help from the 8171 program, get help in the form of emergency cash and at the same time the children’s education scholarships are given on a summative and summative basis under the Benazir Income Support Program. 

How To Registered In BISP 

If you want to register your name in the episode, remember that the government is making two types of lists, one is the family and the families from which the government wants to withdraw money. I am going to give a full update about whether or not you are living or not. Enrollment in Children’s Scholarship Program and Caregiver Card for Elderly Program Card and the government has launched a new program called PRST UP. Sorry, this is a very big program of Punjab Social Protection Authority which you can join and you have to register in it sitting at home. If so, please excuse me. Apart from this, there is another big update that now your survey will be conducted in your nearest school and there you will get money. We have received an update from the government. Now see the practical process. It happens and you get the money in your nearest school which is good news for all people and also discuss in detail what is the procedure other than that main update is a program for employment support.

How To Registered In BISP
How To Registered In BISP

Payment Update

There is an update of the program which is happening in KPK, apart from this, families and households who are getting only 10,500 rupees are getting only 10,500 rupees but many families 8171 is being told less on the web portal, for example, if a household has 18 thousand rupees or 25 thousand rupees, then the web powder of 8171 is telling 45 thousand or some money less, so it is requested that when taking money You have to see your money in full  ,And households that consume between 200 and 500 units of electricity are being subsidized by the government through the Roshan Gharana programme, apart from households that consume five units of Takbeer. 

Roshan Gharana New Update 

Government will pay them 75% of the amount. Also, let us tell you that free solar panels are being provided to the unit users. This is a government update. Also, let us tell you about PSE. The program that has been established by the Punjab government is Khushal Survey and along with this, 12,000 sanctified registration centers have been camped across the province and 12,000 will be visited on the Insantal where There will be registration and let us tell you that the families who fulfill the eligibility criteria of Jo Hai Kisan Card, Himat Card, Health Card, Nigehbaan Card and Ramadan Package are being registered in these programs to join the fly programs. New Anewala which is a ration program and the month of Ramadan is the month of Mufidah Ata which is the ration program and you get a gift hamper when the registration has just started so what steps you have to take to register for it. You can self register yourself on paper forwards and which is online portal and qr code is also given 08002345 there is a helpline number from there You can also get more information.


Now let’s talk that we have received an update from the government that such families and families who want the government to subsidize us and include us in the installments of our children. received educational scholarships, so if they have qualified, then you have to check them on the portal on case 8171, when you have to take money and put your thumb, where on the device you have to check your money. Take the money somewhere and along with it the receipt must be taken along with it and this money is your turn to get the news that the government is making a whole plan to bring you to the UC level and the work on the project is speeding up. Continued from and very soon you will get the money nearest to you.

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