How to reduce PMT Score For Eligibility In BISP 2024 | PMT Score Update

How to reduce PMT Score For Eligibility In BISP

What should be the score of the PM? What is the score then I will tell you people in the same video and to be eligible it is necessary that your PMT score is correct if your PMT support is not correct then you You will not be able to qualify for the program and your PMT score may never be higher. Anyone who is taking money should also listen carefully. If your PMT support is high, your money will stop. And there are many people whose money has stopped and earlier they used to receive money and the real reason is PMT score.

BISP Latest Update

While the official BISP website ( show the latest updates, some news sources claim BISP started cash center payments for the June 2024 cycle and a dynamic survey is underway for new registrations. It’s important to be cautious of unofficial websites and refer to BISP’s official channels for verified information.

How to reduce PMT score 

And you can solve your problem immediately and for registration you have these mobile vehicles now from home to home, but I have taught you the best way to qualify. You will do your registration or survey in the same way and you will be eligible, your PMP score will be reduced, if you guys do all the things according to your will, then your PMT support will be 50 and 100. So obviously then you will not be eligible for this program because of PMT support which is a poverty score. Those who have 32 will be eligible or less than 32 are eligible everyone else. It is nailed to what it is and all these things are numbered on the basis of what you have. 

PMT Score Required for Eligibility 

In order to be eligible in all the programs of the government, this thing is required. It is any program, whether children’s stipend or Benazir sponsorship. From whom do you take any program, that is why you are eligible, so let me tell you what is the PMT score, the first thing is what has the government done for you. The PMT score is the scale used to measure the quality of poverty. If you are ready, you will get 10 marks, the higher the PMT score, you will be ineligible, the lower the PMP score, you will be eligible, so I am telling you this example that those who have dirty houses will get two marks. And in the same way, if you don’t have a car, you will get a number that you have, and in the same way, it will become your number. 

How much PMT Score Are Calculate 

The quality is seen there is nothing and the score you get is 32 ok then you will be eligible for this program which is how if you want to pass in a class it is marked. If there are, it is also marked in the same way, meaning that according to the quality of the things you have or the number of questions you answer, according to what you answer, your marks will be assigned. They have these things and their poverty score, which we call PMT score, is 32 or less than 32, then those people are eligible. And those whose score is more than 32 are disqualified, if in the same way those who are disabled have PM support which means 32 is 35 then they are given two marks more than what they have. Yes, they will be reduced by two marks. If their PMT support is more, they will be reduced by two marks. They have two or four marks in this program, but the rest of the people get their score in the same way, then they increase it. I have told you how to reduce the support of PMT, so these things are there to reduce it. They will ask you how many animals you have and you will say we don’t have any then your PMT score will go down and after that you have no bank account balance. So your PMT score will decrease, and in the same way, no matter how many questions you are asked, and you answer them correctly, and you have nothing, you have nothing. 

Check Eligibility By PMT Score 

PMT support which is available will decrease. It is ok. You can also check your eligibility on the portal. Go to Google above 81 71 and type 8171. It is ok. On the portal, your CNIC will be displayed there. Write the  and check your eligibility there or you can also check your eligibility by calling up helpline number 082647 these are new call centers and they are now answering calls 24 hours a day. But the calls are not received quickly because there are many people who are making calls due to which your call is not received. If it is more then you will be ineligible for what you have. You can register yourself.

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