How to get 10500 Payment from BISP 8171 2024

how to get 10500 Payment from BISP 8171 

I will tell you how you can get 8500 rupees from Benazir Income Support Program and Ehsaas Kafalat Program and when it will start, we will give you an update.

BISP Payment Update 

The Benazir Income Support Program, the sponsorship program has been officially launched for Rs. 8500 but in this batch Due to a lot of humiliation, people are getting daily bases back empty-handed, there is no specific response from the agents and there is so much rush at every point that the people are being humiliated, how to get rid of what humiliation. The method of this is also explained to you further and we will talk about the people who have not yet received an installment of Rs. It is important, so you will see it in full. First of all, let us tell you this, first of all, when the episode of Benazir Kafalat program is officially launched, all the people rush to the same point on the same day. 

How To Get Payment From Nadra Agents

Due to which a lot of people have to turn up empty handed and the agent also has a limit of money, Naha has also set a limit as to how many beneficiaries they have to give money to on a daily basis, so you have to pay all these. Keep rules and regulations in mind When you go to pick up remotes, you have to confirm that we are at the right place or you have to find out from somewhere about this point whether there is rush or not if there is any. If there is no rush, then reach up and take your payments from there because for the last two or three days since this episode started, every agent has a rush, so you have to reduce the jealousy that People take money from BISP, so you are requested to show patience, your payments are not going anywhere. they won’t give you this information and your payments go to someone else, that money will go into your account, so please be patient. 

Problem Face During Payment 

Do it so that you don’t have a problem, the agent doesn’t have a problem, and the rest of the public doesn’t have a problem. If you continue to rush like this, then of course two weeks may pass and you won’t get the payment. Just avoid this implication. There is only one procedure, the biggest thing is to find out from someone about the point, whether there is a rush at that point or not. If there is no rush, then you should reach there and take your payments from there. It may also happen that you go to the point after about 15 or 10 days to collect your money and many people have complained that we have to pay 8500. If you are getting 7500 or 8000 instead, that means we are being deducted, so you can go to your nearest office for deduction and you can file a complaint against this agent there, by which this agent’s business can also be stopped. Maybe because he is cheating the poor people, the government does not want the payments that are being delivered to the people by them to be confiscated by someone else, so the people should take care of this. That the agent who is doing such double digits should file a full complaint. 

How to solve issues 

Another big problem is that many people who are regular beneficiaries or have become beneficiaries some time ago but their current Rs. 8500. Well, it may be a big problem for all those people, but we are telling you that it is not a big problem, because of technical issues, your payments will be delayed for a while. They stop and you will have to wait for a week or two more. Inshallah, within the next week or two, your PIP payments will also be released to you. There is a website link in the description of this video or SP portal and check your eligibility by entering your 13-part ID card number and check your eligibility whether you are eligible for this program or not.

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