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How To Eligible In Dynamic SurveyHow To Eligible In Dynamic Survey

How To Eligible In Dynamic Survey

If you have, how to join the dynamics survey of Ehsas program and how to make a Benazir card, how to get assistance from the Benazir Income Sports Program, the whole process will be explained. 

Dynamic Survey Was Started 

First of all, friends, please note one thing, the dynamics survey of Benazir Income Sports Program has started, so if you want to be a part of Benazir Income Sports Program, then you have to keep these eight points in mind. What is this process you have to follow ok after that you will become a part of Benazir Inform sports program ok first thing you have to do is you have to register your rep Benazir income sports program office I have to go, it is fine, whichever is the office of Benazir Income Sports Program in your city, in your tehsil, nearest to you, after going there, you will see your counter, which will have Dynamic Restraint Test written on it. If you go to the test, after that the person who will be sitting on the counter will ask you for your identity card and the number of your children. We have to go and have children’s beef, we also have to take it with you. OK, above the third number, yes, the staff will issue you a new survey or update survey token. 

Visit Counter For Dynamic Survey 

If you go to the top of the counter, you will be issued a token that is there, as soon as you get the token, you have to wait there. It will be your turn, you will see a room up there. He will ask questions containing information i.e. you will be asked like you will be sitting in the room. How much do you earn per month, how much are your expenses, where do you live, who do you live with, all the information that they will need, they will take all the information from you. After completing the form, the thumb will be affixed on the acknowledgment for verification. OK, if you put your thumb on the seventh number, yes, then you will receive a confirmation message from 81. Whoever provides the mobile phone number up to them will get a confirmation message on this mobile phone number above the eighth number from 8171 which after verification the eligible families will receive an eligibility message from 8171. The whole process is fine when friends are followed, after that you have to go back home, ok, as soon as your registration is complete, you will be deposited, it is absolutely free, there is no fee, ok, you are Benazir Income. 

Registration Process 

Go to the Eahsas program office and do this process when your registration is done, after one month you who follow this process will become a part of the Benazir Income Sports Program after one month. Income will become a part of the sports program, after that you will also be provided with a Benazir Card. If you apply for it, you will be given a test on top of your ID card. His message comes on your SIM as soon as your payment is received for Benazir Income Sports Program, then you receive a message like Karachi saying that your payment has been received. Nazir is getting 10500 rupees per month from us for the sports program.

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